Dtsi technology

This technology provides a combination of the light weight and twice the power offered by two-stroke engines with a significant power boost, i. DTS-i technology was stands for Digital twin spark ignition tech. Having all thermodynamic cycle components under the wings of a single electronic control unit means that the power plant used on the Alfa 1 64 T. So, in which stroke combustion of fuel takes place?

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Cylinder capacity amounts to 1, cc thanks to an 84 mm bore and All the older ones from '83 back tho are able to get a lot more power with dual plugging the heads and use a good firing system with dual coils. Having all thermodynamic cycle components under the wings of a xtsi electronic control unit means technoloogy the power plant used on the Alfa 1 64 T.

As compared with the single spark fired engines, in twin spark engines the combustion of the air-fuel mixture takes place at optimal level and it produces more power.

ECU consist microprocessor chip with preprogrammed data of Ignition Timings for various engine rpm and engine loads. Which is the best motor bike I should buy? The benefits of this efficient combustion process can be felt in terms of better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

It is very simple process but it becomes very complex at higher rpm. The pressed-in cast iron cylinder liners feature wet mounting for more effective heat dissipation. Black Friday is here. DTS-I engines are known for efficient burning of air-fuel mixer at right time. What is the meaning of DTSI in bikes? Less chance of ignition system failure.

DTSi - What is Digital Twin-Spark Ignition by Bajaj Auto ? - CarBikeTech

Save your draft before refreshing this page. Because of the use of twin spark plug, the spark produced is more which burns the fuel more efficiently and rapidly. Just think - a sprak plug ignite fuel in the combustion chamber. Because vtsi actual practice, perfect combustion is not at all possible due to various losses in the combustion chamber as well as design of the internal combustion engine. Moreover it provides better efficiency and it is economical in fuel consumption.

In case the Engine is kept unused for a long time soiling of spark plugs occur. What is the role of a carbon brush in a motor?

Due to this reason force upon the piston would be great which leads to better work output. Digital electronic ignition with two plugs per cylinder and two ignition distributors;? It is mapped by the integrated digital electronic control box which also handles fuel injection and valve timing. As my friend technilogy mentioned above the answer I need not repeat it again but is it really worthy and does it really work,lets find out from below answer.

DTSi Technology

Bajaj uses both two and three spark configuration but in most bikes they use two spark plugs. I've found out since then that it makes no difference techhnology sense to do this to an Evo engine from others that have tried it, so I won't do my cid engine that way. Twin overhead cams with camshaft timing variation. So, Bajaj find solution for it and develop DTS-i technology.

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Still have a question? At the end of compression stroke piston will be at Tecchnology and before starting of power stroke compressed air-fuel mixer get spark via spark plug and burnt. In this system, due to twin sparks, combustion will be complete.

The conventional engine equipped with only one spark plug. The main difference what it makes is in terms of mileage. What is Fuel Injector and How it Works?

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