Crabgrass frontier

This book is a fascinating social history of America covering years - s to s. Lists with This Book. Sep 30, AskHistorians added it Shelves:

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Places like China, Russia, and Canada might have large swaths of territory, but climatic conditions and geography prevent any meaningful settlement. More than 60, Frenchmen have poured out of Paris to gape at Levitt's recently opened American-style subdivision in suburban Le Mesnil-Saint-Denis pop.

Crabgrass Frontier - Wikipedia

HistoryUrban Planning. In New York inpersons were killed by horses and horse-drawn vehicles. You are commenting using your Facebook account. With the increasing population of the older, more established frlntier areas, many of the problems which were once seen as purely urban ones have manifested themselves there as well.

crrabgrass To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The Revolutionary Constitution David J. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Betweenhowever, the situation began to change in the United States. Jackson correctly predicts that that some of the forces that lead to the increase of the suburbs will also lead to their inevitable decline.

Crabgrass Frontier

Farmers could turn a profit on as little as 10 acres of land. Integrating social history with economic and architectural analysis, and taking into account such factors as the availability of cheap land, inex This first full-scale history of the development of the American suburb examines how -the good life- crabbgrass America came to be equated with the a home of one's own surrounded by a grassy yard and located far from the urban workplace.

Context means everything—or least, some things. Motivated by a cultural preference for country homes over city living, enabled by the widespread availability of open land --and technological innovations like the rail line and automobile which used that land as a broad canvas to draw an entirely new kind of urban landscape - and further encouraged by government support, the Americans thus became suburbanized.

After that comes an examination of the time of the trolley 6 as well as the dream of affordable houses for the common man 7and the rise and fall of municipal annexation that left cities unable to take frontief suburbs that had been developed precisely to avoid the problems of the city 8.

A downfall of this book, like other well-known urban planning subject is that it is outdated. The physicality or materiality of space: Mar 25, Gregory Feehan rated it really liked it. Views Read Edit View history. The big, mean city, with its confidence men and squalor, did not promise the same haven as the suburbs.

Elite Suburbs and Commuter Railroads 6.

The author has managed to d This book is a fascinating social history of America covering years - s to s. In these days of fashionable effeminacy and flabby feebleness, which never walks when it can possibly ride, the horse-car virtually fixes the ultimate limits of suburban growth.

Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States

The House and the Yard 4. Return to Fronyier Page. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Mar 12, James Smyth rated it it was amazing. Finally, Jackson noted other sociological changes in American culture that had come to make the contemporary situation more complicated.

IT clips right along cfabgrass crisp prose and held my interest from the suburbs of eighteenth-century LOndon to America's first "walking cities" through the s, when it was published. However, due to the energy inefficiency of the suburb, Jackson believed that the "long process of suburbanization, which has been operative in the United States since aboutwill slow over the next two decades and that a new kind of spatial equilibrium will result early in the next century.

Since I've lived in foreign towns and cities for 5 years, I've seen some of these issues already, but the book made them crystal-clear. Extensively researched and referenced, the book takes into account factors that promoted suburbanization such as the availability of cheap land, construction methods, and transportation, as well as federal subsidies for highways and suburban crabgrasz. This gap in worldview between writer and reader makes this book, and others like it, of interest mainly to fellow bitter Marxist travelers whose advice is not worth taking anyway.

But when it was finally understood and amendments were made in the s things actually got worse! Nevertheless, it is an important book that draws a wide lens on a phenomenon that has shaped American life over the past two centuries.

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