Constitutia romaniei

Citizenship Article 5 1 Romanian citizenship may be acquired, preserved, or lost under the terms established by an organic law. Failure to observe such limits will discontinue all effects of the ordinance in question. Economy 1 Romania's economy is a market economy based on free enterprise and competition. Parliamentary Immunity Article 72 1 No Deputy or Senator shall be held legally responsible for any vote cast or political opinion expressed in the exercise of his office.

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Constitutions of Romania in law in Romania History of Romania since Romanian law November events in Europe in politics.

Romania fosters and develops peaceful relations with all the states, and in this context, good neighbourly relations based on the principles and other generally recognized rules of international law. Qualification for Appointment Judges of the Constitutional Court must have graduated law, and enjoy high professional eminence and at least 18 years' experience in the legal field or academic professorial activity. Limits on Matters of Revision 1 None of the provisions in this Constitution concerning the national, independent, unitary and indivisible character of the Romanian State, the Republican form of government, or territorial integrity, independence of judiciary, political pluralism, or official language shall be object of revision.

The form of oath is established by an organic law. The content and limits of these rights are established by law. Assuming Responsibility by the Government 1 The Government can assume its responsibility before the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, in a joint session, with respect to a programme, statement of general policy, or bill.

The organisation of these services and parliamentary oversight of their activity are laid down by an organic law. Equality of Rights Article 16 1 Citizens are equal before the law and public authorities, without any privilege or discrimination.

Appointment of the Government 1 The President of Romania designates a candidate to the office of Prime Minister and appoints the Government based on the Parliament's vote of confidence. The Advocate of the People shall report before both Chambers of Parliament, on annual basis or upon request thereof. Use of Remedies Judicial decisions may be appealed against by the parties concerned and by the Public Ministry, subject to the law.

Judicial decisions may be appealed against by the parties concerned and by the Public Ministry, subject to the law. If Parliament does not sit in a session, it shall be convened as of right within 24 hours from the outbreak of the aggression.

Any other bills or legislative proposals shall be submitted for debate and vonstitutia to the Senate, as the primary Chamber which is referred to.

Aliens and stateless persons may acquire private ownership of lands only under the terms as may arise from Romania's accession to the European Union and from other international treaties to which Romania is a party, on a reciprocal basis, in accordance with an organic law, as well as by way of statutory inheritance. Procedure of Revision 1 The bill or proposal for revision must have been adopted by the Chamber of Deputies and by the Senate, by a majority of at least two-thirds of the members of each Romaneii.

The new constitution of Communist Romania was adopted in following the Soviet model, [1] with subsequent variants appearing in and the former "building socialism", the latter announcing the "socialism has won" [1] and notably making the change from a People's Republic to a Socialist Republic.

Taxes, Duties, and other Contributions 1 Taxes, duties, or any other revenue of the State budget and the State social security budget shall only be imposed under the law. Supreme Council for Romanisi Defence The Supreme Council for National Defence shall provide for the organisation and unitary coordination cknstitutia activities concerning defence of the romqniei and national security, participation in maintaining international security and in collective defence arrangements within the systems of military alliance, as well as in peace-keeping or restoring missions.

Role and Structure 1 The Government shall, in accordance with its governing programme accepted by Parliament, ensure the implementation of domestic and foreign policy, and exercise the general management of public administration. Emergency Measures 1 The President of Romania shall, according to the law, institute the state of siege or the state of emergency in consfitutia the country or in some territorial-administrative entities, and ask for the Parliament's approval of such measure within 5 days after that decision.

Vrei o Constituție Funky ilustrată și explicată?

Freedom of Association Article 40 1 Citizens may freely associate into political parties, trade unions, employers' associations, and other forms of association. Trade Unions, Employers' Associations, and Vocational Associations Article 9 Trade unions, employers' associations, and vocational associations are established and carry out their activity according to their own Articles, subject to the law.

Public Hearings Court hearings shall be public, except in cases provided by law. Romania's romaniiei to the North Atlantic Treaty shall be under a law adopted in a joint session of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, by a majority of two-thirds of the number of Deputies and Senators.

Romania: Constitutia Romaniei

Powers in Matters of Foreign Policy 1 The President concludes, in the name and on behalf of Romania, international treaties negotiated by the Government, which he then submits to Parliament within a reasonable time, for ratification.

International Relations Article 10 Romania fosters and develops peaceful relations with all the states, and in this context, good neighbourly relations based on the principles and other generally recognized romanieo of international law. The Constitution has romaniek amended once, in Anyone's free access to an economic activity, free enterprise and the exercise of such rights in accord with the law shall be guaranteed. Right to Be Elected Rojaniei 37 1 Eligibility to stand in elections is granted to all citizens rokaniei voting rights who meet the requirements set out in Article 16 paragraph 3unless they are forbidden to join a political party in accordance with Article 40 paragraph 3.

Incompatibilities 1 Membership of the Government is incompatible with the exercise of any other public office in authority, except the office of a Deputy or a Senator.

Territory Article 3 1 The territory of Romania is inalienable. Other forms of social protection for children and young persons are determined by law. These concern the employees' safety and health, conditions of work for women and young persons, the setting up of a minimum gross salary per economy, weekly rest periods, rest leave with pay, work performed under difficult and special conditions, training courses, as well as constitutka specific conditions determined by law.

Standard of Living Article 47 1 The State must take measures for the economic development and social protection such as to ensure a decent standard of living for its citizens.

The first session begins in February and cannot extend beyond the end of June.

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