Transgo 4l60e shift kit instructions

The shift is a band coming on, and the shift is a band coming off and clutches coming on. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Find More Posts by 1logote. Shop for Performance Shift Kits online.

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The purpose of this HD shift valve is to keep from robbing shift oil to the applying of the overrun clutches when the shifter is in the "D" shifter position, as it does this in the stock valve body. Once this valve is installed, then you can safely use the "D" shifter l460e.

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And if the trans is still together, try shifting through the gears manually and in 3rd or correctly called Drive, with the D indicator actually standing for overdrive. Best advice I can give is don't eff it up. You will need to trasngo the trans to get to it, though you won't have to take it apart all the way.

So I found the valve and spring in my work area. With a stock diameter torque converter, drill the feed to. Otherwise, go with the lesser option.

I don't know what the deal inshructions with the piston. Best hope you don't get it I guess? Last edited by mrvedit; at Your other questions a more experience person will have to answer.

Find More Posts by viciousknid. Forum statistics Threads 18, MessagesMembers 11, Latest member killa The Sonnax servo release valve is not necessary with this Shift kit, as you are addressing the band release another way here. If anyone needs snift instructions to a TCI R4 kit let me know.

Transgo sk-4l60e post install problem

You cannot have the same shift quality for the shift and the shift. So I am still stuck? Is that something that varies in different 4l60e models? Quote message in reply?

Give me a motor and I'll tear it apart in minutes Reduces the chance of band failure and shudder. Servo that you should have gotten in the kit. I'd like to get my transgo HD-2 kit installed this week on my 4l60e, so as of right now I have the tranny in the garage and flipped upside down. I would suggest drilling the hole to the smaller size 0.

Couple more questions here Shuft car is daily driven in the summer with trips to the strip a year. I attached a pic with the extra check ball circled.

Any 4l60e Shift Kit Dos and Donts? - Forums

What do the spacers do for me? Not sure why it does that, but after over k miles later I don't think it is necessarily harmful. Call TransGo and ask, or maybe someone on here will know. Rear end gear ratio?

Fluid is at the bottom of the crosshatch but I am told that low fluid would present different symptoms if it were an issue. No ones PM'd me yet. It doesn't say to so I would assume no. You want to get the band clearance down to a minimum, so that the 3rd apply oil brings on the clutches instead of releasing the band because of too much band clearance.

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