Oracle dba interview question and answer

It is also used in database recovery. When activated, the crawler spawns a configurable number of processor threads that fetch documents from various data sources and index them using Oracle Text. Follow Wisdomjobs page for Oracle DBA job interview questions and answers page to get through your job interview successfully. Users need to have a default tablespace, where their objects will be created if they don't explicitly assign a different tablespace during object creation. It returns the sorted results to your program.

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A table is the basic unit of data storage in an Oracle database. If there are changes pending in ihterview first form, the operator will be prompted to save them before the new form is loaded.

Oracle DBA Interview questions With Answer | Pavan Ramya -

Give Details On Rmsn? Performance tuning focuses primarily on writing efficient SQL, questkon appropriate computing resources, and analyzing wait events and contention in a system. Manage resources optimally across multiple clients. What Is Execution Plan? Ensuring compliance with Oralce license agreement Controlling and monitoring user access to the database. Look for people who mention the specific database versions they're familiar with, as well as a brief explanation of their experience level with each.

Find Database Administrator Jobs. The term is terminal definition file that describes the terminal form which you are using r20run. This process is called as Remote Slave Monitor. Questjon a lot quicker to bounce the instance when changing this. Database on other servers can be updated and those transactions can be grouped together with others in a logical unit.

Data file headers are also updated with the latest checkpoint SCN, even if the file had no changed blocks. DBA has the all privileges on the database which usually developers wont have. A hot backup is basically taking a backup of the database while it is still up and running and it must be orzcle archive log mode.

Only one window in a form can display the console, and you cannot change the console assignment at runtime.

Many organizations are moving from a fully on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Installation media comes with a template response file. What Is An Ole? How Can We Implement Roles? Also, we can deinstall the Oracle database software independent of the ASM instance.

Oracle supports qhestion as defined by the SQL standard. The benefit of taking a hot backup is that the database is still available for use while the backup is occurring and you can recover the database to any point in time.

Oracle DBA Interview Questions & Answers

It accepts robot metatag instructions from the agent for the target document, and it transforms the original document contents for indexing control. Schould be avoided in OLTP systems. A cold backup is taking a backup of the database while it is shut down and does not require being in archive log mode.

The post-database-commit trigger fires after oracle forms issues the commit to finalized transactions. What Is A Transaction? You want to find out how many users are defined in the password file and what privileges those user have.

Patch set updates are published 4 times a yearby Oracle and as you apply them to your database software, this fourth digit advances. The name of the DBMS, the location of the source and the database dependent information. While a procedure does not have to return any values to the calling application, a function will return a single value. What Is A Outer Join? A tablespace is a logical storage unit within an Oracle database.

Every view has a Query attached to it.

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