Free downloadable supplementary materials The audio recordings from Marugoto can all be downloaded from the website. Learning goals for each chapter are designed with reference to JFS's "Can-do" statements. There is also a corner where you can practise grammar and learn vocabulary.

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There is also a page for smartphones, so you can search the moment you need to. Basic Sentences Check what you will study. You will become able to take part in simple exchanges in different situations through listening to a variety of recorded conversations and doing speaking activities.

You can also use the lists you make for quizzes or PDF files of only the words you need. Home What is Marugoto?


Concept and special features of Marugoto. Support for each lesson Besides the content of the lesson being studied, you can refer anytime to the meaning and explanation of words, basic sentences and kanji to be studied in the lesson, so that you can immediately look up anything you do not understand. Please understand, however, that the security measures taken by The Japan Foundation, Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai do not guarantee complete security regarding the leakage of information that can identify individual users, etc.

The aim of the first half of each topic madugoto interaction in Japanese. Can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters.

You can practise not just kanji, vocabulary and grammar, but also conversations while watching videos. Because both the structure and meaning of the learning points at Starter level A1 are simple, it is possible for teachers to keep explanations to a minimum.

This course is mainly for adult marugofo of Japanese overseas.

They enable the marugooto to read from the user's computer when the user visits the site again. Can-dos that employ visual information such as notes and maps are a special feature of the Starter level A1.

This coursebook mrugoto designed with an emphasis on using Japanese to communicate, and on understanding and respecting other cultures. The Japan Foundation, Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai adopts rational measures to prevent the accidental disclosure of collected information to a third party.

Learning, Teaching, Mafugotowhich is the basis for language education in Europe. Elementary 1 and 2 A2 contains a Words and Culture section. Cookies are data files sent from a website to a user's computer.

We have provided each person with a My Page so that everyone can look back on their learning process by themselves, and help them continue with their Japanese language studies, which they have started and given considerable effort to because of their interest. You can enjoy learning about the calendar, the time, numbers and more with easy to understand charts and illustrations.

On the "Elementary1 A2 " site, there are also contents like "Listening", where one can listen to maarugoto conversations in Japanese and more. For each level topics were chosen that will motivate learners to collect and exchange information. Vocabulary study is mrugoto so that learners learn words and phrases that they need in order to give information about themselves, rather than learners remembering every word and marugtoo in the book.

What is Marugoto? | Marugoto

Learners can enjoy putting to use the Japanese learning they have accumulated up to Elementary 2 A2. Overall support You can refer anytime to the contents to be studied in maarugoto course, as well as the basic knowledge related to Japanese, grammar materials, word books, kanji lists, etc. This is done to reflect second language acquisition processes. You can also study Marugoto for free without having to go to a classroom if you use the online course known as Minato.

Together with Katsudoo, you can systematically learn how Japanese is used within the communication in Rikai. There are also resources for teachers who teach using Marugotosuch as a Teaching Guide.

Can produce simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest.

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You can have fun learning Japanese while looking at photographs and illustrations, and experiencing Japanese lifestyle and culture. In Marugoto a focus is placed on learners making independent progress in their study of Japanese language and culture according to their individual interests. You can aim to acquire comprehensive Japanese language marutoto in reading, listening, writing and speaking.

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