Furthermore, we observed that the participants' eyes usually remain at a constant height sitting height during video teleconferencing, thus we only need to be able to synthesize new views along a horizontal plane. We use light field rendering to synthesize new images from a user-driven virtual camera. There are two options to run the view synthesis program. Ruigang Yang , University of Kentucky Funding: Hi, I am Mohit Arora, a passionate blogger and addicted reader.

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Furthermore, we observed that the participants' eyes usually remain at a constant height sitting height during video teleconferencing, thus we only need to be able to synthesize new views along telee-immersion horizontal plane. The group tele-immersion project will transmit video data to be reconstructed as a single high-resolution continuous image, for viewing on a life-size projector display for multiple participants between two remote locations.

Mohit Arora Founder at CatchUpdates. The cameras are synchronized by a wire controlled from tele-ommersion PC and fully calibrated. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. High resolution, life-size interactive display with a multi-projector PC-driven display wall Scene capture with tens of digital cameras Eye contact via 2D view interpolation tele-jmmersion 3D scene reconstruction User tracking for rendering and geometry extraction Spatialized immersive audio with a array of microphones and speakers Initial design concept: The following coding and IT boot camp facts and statistics provide an introduction to the changing trends in education and training programs.

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Group Tele-Immersion

All cameras are synchronized by a wire controlled from a PC and fully calibrated. Thus with the aid of this new technology, users at geographically distributed sites can tele-imersion in real-time in a shared, simulated, hybrid environment submerging in one another presence and feel as if they are sharing the same physical space.

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Line Light Field design: Tele-immersion presents the greatest technological challenge for Internet2. It combines the display and interaction techniques of virtual reality with new computer-vision technologies. Subscribe to get Latest Updates directly to your Inbox.

This is done in order to personalise and enhance your experience with us. The 3D effect behind the tele-immersion makes it feel like the real thing.

The simplicity and robustness of Light Field rendering, combined with the natural restrictions of limited view volume in video teleconferencing, allow us to synthesize photo-realistic views tele-immersio a group of participants at interactive rate.

Please check your email for further instructions. Christine Yang, Sandia National Laboratories. Ruigang YangUniversity of Kentucky Funding: We'd Love To keep In Touch.

Instead of replicating one-to-one systems for each pair of users, or performing complex 3D scene acquisition, we rely upon user tolerance for soft discontinuities for our rendering techniques. What is your job function?


By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Some of the main applications are as follows:. Abutted projector display with a dense horizontal camera array at table level and actual camera array implementation. The bottleneck is in image capture.

The video acquisition system one in each site includes four PCs interconnected through Mbit Ethernet. At any point of time, you can contact us and select the data you wish to anonymise or delete so it cannot be linked to your email address any longer.

The goal of group tele-immersion GTI is to enable high fidelity, immersive teleconferencing between groups at distant locations. Searching our resource database to tele-jmmersion your matches Join to subscribe now.

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