Montaillou the promised land of error

Open Preview See a Problem? There are characters we like less, like the lecherous priest Pierre Clergue. Apparently, the peasants of that time and place were not very imaginative in naming themselves. Ladurie's book is not primarily about Catharism.

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Older men experienced the opposite. We might scoff at metempyschosis - the belief that souls could travel from humans to animals and back again - but when the individual testimonies of the people of Montaillou grilled by the Catholic Inquisition are looked at we can see astonishing parallels with our own times. View all 4 promided. Montaillou has been described as a work of history from below.

On the whole people were anti-clerical rather than anti-religious, but there were also a fair number of sceptics who denied the existence of God altogether, something which was extremely dangerous to do.

Lists with This Book. Ladurie is an accomplished and original Annales historian, a great showman, and a humane teacher who gives his reader food for thought about how to lead a fuller, richer life. But you mlntaillou what I mean about the really micro genealogical detail about who is who, and who is married to who?

Montaillou, the Promised Land of Error - Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie - Google Books

Catharismhistory from belowMontaillou. Of particular note to me was the insight that in a situation of near-total illiteracy and complete absence of schooling, men and women primised from the same level of knowledge.

Every interview was recorded promixed ultimately sent to the Vatican, whence they ultimately emerged. Product details Hardcover Publisher: Nonetheless, it is a fascinating and unique book. The brief period in the early 14th century covered here seems to have been quite comfortable for the villagers, until the inquisition turned up and arrested them en masse.

The first explores the physical world of the inhabitants of Montaillou, telling the stories of Pierre and Bernard Clerguetwo of the most powerful men in Montaillou, and the shepherd Pierre Maury. I was at the dump thee and doing my usual bookshelf thw service and poof!

Paperbackpages. Le Roy Ladurie is obsessed with detail, so you'll get to find out all kinds of little anecdotes ranging from friends of different social strata delousing each other to the widespread sexual exploits of the adventurous village priest, Pierre Clergue. Le Roy Ladurie obviously loves this world, and he manages to bring it back to life to an admirable degree.

Ladurie accords Catharism respect, and the Inquisition is not portrayed in a flattering light. Still interesting, but no page-turner for sure. Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie is the author of numerous books - including the immensely successful "Montaillou"and "Carnival" - and many articles.

GR reviews indicate it's not a thrilling read, but it's a pretty cool idea. Ever wanted to montailliu how many blades of grass are in the third field to the left of the main road between the church and the farm house?

Montaillou: The Promised Land of Error

Learn more about Amazon Prime. It is not hard to imagine someone finding contemporary relevance in this lesson as well. Nov 29, Mihai Zodian rated it it was amazing.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? What a great TV series could be made of erroor lives and loves of its fascinating inhabitants. It almost reads at times like a memorial or a eulogy.

Montaillou (book) - Wikipedia

But there among the farmers and the sheperds, the lustful town priest and his clan of friends and cronies, catharism flourished. Please provide an email address. Some even say aloud that incest is preferable mmontaillou letting one of the girls of the family go to another domus and take her dowry with her. I use the word 'tales' advisedly, of course; the professional historian in me wanted more reflection on the nature of lane evidence, and the extent to which we can treat these voices as straightforwardly belonging to the people in question, especially kf it comes to the discussion of ideas and practices labelled 'heresy' Catharism, specifically.

As we are dealing with heresy here, there is an excellent glossary at the end which shows which of the main families were, or were not, heretical households. Life in the French village of Montaillou in the early 14th century is unusually well documented thanks to an assiduous inquisitor.

Montaillou was Ladurie's "most important and popular work".

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