The culture clash jean donaldson

Jun 13, Amy rated it it was amazing. He's cute and perfect too. Buy it I just realized that I've never formally reviewed my most-cherished dog behavior book in this space. Not super helpful, but I do like the concept of treating a dog's mental capacity in a different format than humans.

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My apologies for that. Month by Month, 2nd Edition Terry Albert.

The Culture Clash - A Book by Jean Donaldson

The basic premise is to stop anthropomorphizing dogs; don't believe the Disney fantasy of dogs who think like us and live to serve us. The book might be useful for a first time dog owner cultude a puppy. Claeh the point of the book to be accessible to everyone and not just an academic essay? Team Dog Mike Ritland. Difficult and not very well organized.

I find it frustrating that there isn't even mention of that, but on the contrary, NRMs are used in many chapters. My hope is some one takes the wonderful information in this book and writes an approachable, enjoyable version.

I also loved her approach of normalizing normal dog behav This was a good book. - Over , of the Best Audiobooks & Original Content

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Jun 22, Bark added it Shelves: In sum, even though I had a few qualms about the book, overall Cluture found this to be a useful, well-written guide.

What I like most about this book is the merging of practical step-by-step instruction with explanations of why the steps work. It is, after all, the humane way to do it. Personally, I fo Very good overall. I also loved her approach of normalizing normal dog behavior while also providing training skills to manipulate the behavior to suit human culture.

It's only natural, but that doesn't make it right or helpful. If you have a dog, or planning on it, please read this cultuer.

The Culture Clash - A Book by Jean Donaldson in Books

Your social skills never develop. The Cautious Canine Ph.

In particular, she talks about how dogs know when they've done something bad. Donaldson gives you the information you need about dogs to start tackling the most difficult of behavior issues, like a step-by-step exercise to rehabilitating food guarding. You wait a few seconds and see if he gets it, even by accident.

May 16, Jasmin rated it cuture liked it Shelves: Jean makes it clear th Really enjoyed this book. Order fulfillment done by the good people at Dogwise. So, the Gorn you live with keeps you away from other humans. Overall it's not an entertaining book, it reads rather like an instruction manual.

I bought the book to learned not to be scorned. While they are around, you sit quietly, staring straight ahead. There are training exercises, but it's real value is in teaching the principles and science rather than being a how-to-train manual. Explanations of cultufe theory and specific instructions for training common behaviors are often intermingled.

Not only did the dog know it was wrong to tear down the blinds, but he did it on purpose to spite you. And I found a couple of huge mistakes. I've also started working with my dogs more and cultude book inspired me to make everything a game with them. Jan 27, Michael Higgins rated it liked it.

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