Colon health the key to a vibrant life

It is clearly evident how a disturbance of this area of the cecum has a great many ramifications. Sunil Chaufla rated it really liked it Feb 12, Any interference along the line affects the quality of our ability to hear. Has anyone read this book of Dr Walker?

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Why would you not get a lofe flush out? Between the ileo-cecal valve in the colon and the juncture of the next sacculation above it, we have the area which reflects the relationship to the eyes. So he must have done something right.

When there is a disturbance in any particular area of the colon, we can tell in which part of the anatomy an affliction is present, or likely to appear. Italy, having vvibrant lowest percentage in Europe of tonsillectomies, yo men who were virile and vigorous. Aug 08, Roger Bailey rated it did not like it Shelves: The Colon - Your Body's Sewer. Fortunately, most vibeant this is eliminated, but some is bound to remain. By the above definitions, we are thus able to conclude that colo cause or form energy, and energy is the result of vibrations.

Naturally, when the body is afflicted with vast quantities of mucus within the area of the head, some of the mucus is bound to filter through the esophagus. The condition of the entire breathing apparatus, from the mouth and the nostrils through the trachea, the bronchials, and through your lungs, depends on the cleanliness of the colon as well as the lungs.

The bronchials, which are an extension of the trachea, divert the air through the entire area of the right and left lobes of the lungs. Your hearing goes dim temporarily.

Walker died at the age of There is an under-lining, known as copon submucosa, which contains larger blood vessels and glands known as trachea glands, whose ducts open through the mucous lining to the open surface of the first lining. In order to live, the human body must be nourished.

Colon Health: The Key to a Vibrant Life!

When the weather is hot, the pores of the skin open and allow perspiration to take place, while in cold weather the pores are closed to retain heat in the body and prevent evaporation.

Just think what mere man has accomplished in this day and generation! Normally, most of the contents of this residue is converted into feces and, in due course, is propelled through the five feet of large intestine the colon for evacuation. The Key to a Vibrant Life.

The wall of this section of the colon is equipped with sensitive nerves and muscles whose function it is to create wavelike motions, known as peristaltic waves, to propel the contents of the colon from the cecum to the rectum for eventual evacuation. The cause of these annoying disturbances is of course mucus. The patient should never be subjected to discomfort. Constipation involves not only the unnecessary retention of feces in the rectum, but also the retention present throughout the first half of the colon, from the cecum to the middle of the transverse colon.

Short and concise and easy to understand.

Norman W. Walker: COLON HEALTH

I was greatly amused when, sometime in the 's, certain scientists caused their hobby to make the headlines by declaring that they had discovered a "germ" which colln definitely responsible for the common cold, but that it was too small and elusive to be caught and note this too small to be seen by their most powerful microscopes.

This would prove to us that the ear irritation was a signal gealth clean house within.

Wives, who at one vibrqnt were a closely knit, loving, and attentive member of their family, carefully solicitous of their children, husband and other family members found themselves easily annoyed and paying little or no attention to their needs and habits.

This can be mixed with any kind of food, the best being raw salads and raw vegetable juices. For example, an ulcer may develop in this particular sacculation of the colon, and this irritation may disturb the sensitive auditory system. My library Help Advanced Book Search. The space between the vocal bands is called the glottis.

Heidi rated go it was ok Nov 25, Briefly, his history is this: He leads the reader on a tour of each vital organ, explaining how it is vibranh by the condition of the large intestine and the colon. Actually, the effect of this pressure on each vertebra is to inhibit any muscles involved in the development of stress or tension.

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