Apache sling tutorial

This simple example will show how to use some sling tag libraries and the sling post servlet to create content in the repository. In our case we are adpating the Resource object into a ValueMap object to make easier to get the node properties. Creating the Contacts in the Repository Our first step in our application is to create the contacts in the repository. Enterprise Implementation in Java.

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Create a Content Page Now we are going to create the page we want to protect using our login screen.

The property we need to change is Login Form form. Sorry to be picky: Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are their own. This is the way we will use for this example. This tag get an object and adapt zling to an instance of the class defined in the adpatTo property.

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Maven and Java EE 7: Why not use a file system API? Once you have your Sling Launchpad running we can now create our project. More Than Meets the Eye. Migrating to Microservice Databases.

Simple Form Login Page With Apache Sling

Instead of setting node properties, it will create a node under the contact node created. It will redirect to our page and display the username:. As we can see, it set the properties in the node created under contacts and also created a new one called contactImage that contains the image uploaded.

For Apache Sling, check out their cool "Discover Sling in 15 minutes" tutorial: Jackrabbit is the reference implementation for JCR which has some adoption outside Adobe see Modeshape. You need to find the hutorial IP.

The only difference is on the folder strucutre and the Maven configurations. In order to execute this, we need to have the Sling Lauchpad running on our machine. Our app is accessible by this url: Advanced Linux Commands [Cheat Sheet]. Once we have the valueMap contactProps and the image, we can display the contacts properties: Enterprise Implementation in Java.

This will be the script that will be called when the login page is requested. Our project structure can be seen below: The best response I was able to find is in the official Sling page https: It allows to seamlessly start, stop, and replace components of a web application jar files, in a sensewhile the web server is running.

They have a really nice cheat sheet that explains how request resolution and rendering works it is a bit more complex than this, since everything is organized in resources and components.

And name it as: Apachf time I am struggling with Sling, Felix, Jackrabbit. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Creating the Contacts in the Repository Our first step in our application is to create the contacts in the repository.

Creating a Contact List App With Apache Sling

If you were logged in, then you can see tytorial user ID. Deliver content to any website, app or device. This step is important to check if we added all the required assets to the static HTML works.

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