Free energy generation circuits schematics

You notice that not only does he have a heavy flywheel of a fair size, but that there are three or four other large diameter discs mounted where they also rotate at the intermediate speeds of rotation. Check copyright status Cite this Title Free energy generation: If you drop something, it falls downwards.

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Douglas How to make a free energy flyweel generator? Any wheel or rotor assembly which is driven with a series of mechanical pulses, should benefit from having a serious flywheel attached to the shaft, or alternatively, the outer edge of the rotor. Order online at http: Kaj Lassila How to increase gravity by flywheel to use 1 hp motor?

Want to build a Radiant Energy battery charger?

It is perfectly possible to have more than one flywheel on a single axle shaft. Some people claim that a gravity-powered device is impossible because, schemstics say that it would be a "perpetual motion" machine, and they say, perpetual motion is impossible. Robert Willis What is gravity flywheel?

Here, there are five heavy flywheels mounted on two heavily supported strong axles, and while the two shown in dark green are only rotating at half the speed of the other three, the energy gain will be equal for each flywheel as each receives the same train of drive pulses.

Next, you need a motor drive which gives a rapid pulsed drive to the shaft. These 2 locations in All: No eBook available Amazon. And as a bonus, Free Energy Generation also contains the re-issue of John Bedini's classic bookBedini's Free Energy Generator, a how-to book about building a proven free energy generator, complete with circuit and parts list.

A mains motor of watt capacity 1 horsepower is used to drive a series of belts and pulleys which form a gear-train which produces over twice the rotational speed at the shaft of an electrical generator. We are all familiar with the effects of gravity. While these discs may well not have been placed there as flywheels, nevertheless, they do act as flywheels, and each one of them will be contributing to the free-energy gain of the system as a whole. Subjects Electric generators -- Design and construction.

Free Energy Circuits

Separate different tags with a comma. Well, Mr Tseung's gravity theory explains that if a energy pulse is applied to a flywheel, then during the instant of that pulse, excess energy equal to 2mgr is fed into the flywheel, where "m" is the mass weight of the flywheel, "g" is the gravitational constant and "r" is the radius of the centre of emergy of the flywheel, that is, the circuirs from the axle to the point at which the weight of the wheel appears to act.

Bedini's free energy generator. Engineers and scientists are usually of the opinion that useful work cannot be performed on a continuous basis from gravity, as, they point out, when a weight falls and converts it's "potential energy" into useful work, you then have to put in just as much work to raise the weight up again to its starting point.

Tanta How made free energy generator? Lists What are lists? circuist

If all of the flywheel weight is at generztion rim of the wheel, the "r" would be the radius of the wheel itself. The result is a self-powered system capable of running extra loads.

Let me explain the overall system. These occur so rapidly that they do not appear noticeable when looking at the system operating. In common with the present day, there were no takers and Bessler took the details of his design to the grave with him.

Pearl How to build a free Energy generator circuit diagram? At John's web site http: This single location in Australian Capital Territory: Chas Campbell does, is generatjon particularly efficient way of leading-out excess gravitational energy.

Free Energy Generation: Circuits & Schematics - John Bedini, Thomas E. Bearden - Google Books

However, this stream of very short pulses in the drive chain, generates a considerable amount of excess energy drawn from the genrration field. Theo How to increase gravity force power generation? The drive impulses can be from a DC motor fed with electrical pulses, perhaps via a standard "DC motor speed controller" or using xchematics pulses to drive a series of permanent magnets spaced out around the edge of a circular rotor. This produces a flywheel which is as cheap and effective as can conveniently be made.

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