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These Mocks should consist of such questions as expected in CMAT and must not be repetitive in nature. The best way to prepare for CMAT exam is to know your strengths and weakness and start working on them now. These topics are put forth in the form of MCQ questions along with their answers. Many times we read in newspapers that gold no more has emained the highest trading option and has been replaced by a non-traditional metal known as…… A copper B steel C zinc D white gold E None of these.

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This business of the banks can be categorized under which of the following heads of banking?

What is the name of the new bill payment system which has been launched by RBI? There is no fix rule on framing the questions based on Reading comprehension passage, which is followed by at least questions each. Read these gl carefully and be prepared to score well in the general knowledge section of CMAT exam.

In this ckat, we have prepared a list of CMAT general knowledge questions. Many Banks these days are entering into business of offering loans against property. Not very difficult jumbled paragraphs of moderate difficulty level are asked in CMAT. Cetking education private limited Which company has acquired gaming interactive livestreaming startup Beam? During the past few years preference for CMAT online coaching has gone up many times.

Which harmful chemical is found in the bread and is claimed to cause cancer in the consumers? Which Indian para-athlete recently became the first Indian to ckat two gold medals at the Paralympics?

There shall be negative marking for wrong answers, for each wrong answer 1 mark shall be deducted. Nomad Film Festival started in which of the following cities?

What is the name of the new book that was recently announced by Arundhati Roy? Sectional topics to prepare for CMAT The key topics which you need cmta cover in each of the four sections are: Commodity Exchanges at various places in India are trading in many metals like gold, silver, etc.

How to prepare for Cmat Gk section

Which of the following names is not associated with the insurance business in India? Which of the following indexes is developed to cmta life expectancy, level of literacy, education and standard of living of people in a country? A few of the best books to prepare for CMAT are. Who has been elected as the new Secretary General of the United Nations?

CMAT Preparation

These topics are put forth in the form of MCQ questions along with their answers. Which Indian FMCG player is planning to make use of Artificial insemination technique to 92 per cent female offspring of cows?

Questions from all the areas such as national issues, international events, sports trivia, appointments and agreements, books and authors, famous personalities and economy news are covered for your revision. Allow the merger and acquisition of banks so that only few big banks exist and continue to cater to the need of corporate sector. Major test sections on which you have to prepare for CMAT exam are: What does it really mean?

CMAT GK test 1 - CMATking

yk CMAT gives you shorter with words and not too difficult passages. Who has been elected as the first Indigenous woman to the House of Representatives of Parliament of Australia? Maximum marks allotted to General Knowledge section are Majuli recently became the first island district of India. Articles, Non-finites, dangling modifiers, Nouns, Pronouns Especially relative Pronounsadjectives, adverbs, prepositions —regular and followed, verbs, Syntax, Subject-verb Agreement, Simple, continuous, Perfect tenses and Conditional-unreal past.

Which of the following awards is given for excellence in the field of sports? Major tools that would help you in CMAT preparation are: The Council will be created as per which Article of the amended Constitution? Each question is of 4 marks each.

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