Lmd system in algeria

There is a global crisis in higher education institutions, which are turning from public institutions that seek and disseminate knowledge, debate and critical thinking, to private businesses in continuous competition for enrolment and research funding; and this is changing the landscape of both education and of research. The result of such a policy is the professionalization of curricula giving more room to subjects that are directly linked to a given profession or job. About this paper Appears in: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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Examining the modes of financing these policies in the European experience provides insights into an ideological background that is often overlooked or ignored in discussions about the LMD reform in Algeria. It is this kind of vision — to construct a shared identity that contribute to cementing the status of peoples and their historical significance — that is completely lost when a set of policies are taken out of their context and copied over as if they were a mere set of procedures.

InAlgerian HEIs have participated in: Hence the work of the CIAQES Committee in charge of the implementation of Quality Assurance in HEIs aimed at providing the educational institutions with a clear guide in order to better meet the needs of students in their studies and future jobs. Without a genuine critical discussion of how the state of the Algerian higher education sector relates to this global crisis, alternative visions for the university as a social institution are inhibited from the onset as the government keeps on pushing for reforms.

Furthermore, the other concern was to offer better training in order to satisfy alberia societal demand for quality education. aogeria

The implementation of the LMD system in the Algerian universities meant also a change in the evaluation techniques. This site uses cookies. Thousands of people holding placards take part in a student protest against university tuition fees in London.

Higher education in Algeria

One is immediately faced with contradictions when attempting to examine the impact of Algerian higher education policies on the ground. Massification of higher education across the globe led to increased costs. Will the universities survive the European Integration?

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The Algerian university consists of universities defined as social, cultural and professional public establishments. At that time, the general tendency was that many teachers and students started being doubtful about the efficiency of the reform.

It is difficult to imagine that the L,d system was introduced in Algeria in order to facilitate read exacerbate graduate mobility from Algeria to Europe read brain drain! We can see from this that globalisation prefers the easy over the beautiful and the moral, and prefers adaptation over resistance and transcendence, and instead of speaking about establishing justice on this earth, we prefer to speak about acceptance of the status quo.


This framework will also enforce a contractual form of relationship between students, faculty and HEIs. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It is about time we dare to do so. Algetia official response to these issues was to gradually weed out the classical system by halting enrolments and, in the meantime and in response to pressure from students and faculty, introducing intermediate pay grades, dubious quotas for students progression into postgraduate alveria on both sides, and a variety of new faculty titles that altogether amount to a bureaucratic ,md.

The picture in Algeria is still ambiguous, though there are signs of pushing universities towards more reliance on private funding, and there are plans to introduce private universities in the higher education system e.

Vintage [8] Oosterlynck, S. Official sources state major achievements, particularly in terms of improved infrastructure and increased numbers of graduates.

Euro-African Network of excellence for entrepreneurship and innovation. The change concerns also the introduction of the credit system that provides more flexibility and which has to be translated into new ways of teaching and new ways of learning expressed in terms of performances realized by the student.

It also makes the environment ripe for the import of higher education from international providers to further the privatisation of the sector. In doing so, Europe aimed to transcend the nation-state and to create a shared vision that helps sustain a common European identity. Formative assessment corresponds more to the learner-centredness that is at the heart of the reform. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

AWEJ - LMD New System in the Algerian University

The implementation of these plans saw a gradual transformation of higher education institutions across Europe, particularly in terms of the increasing application of business principles to the governance of key activities of research and skills development [11].

University tuition fees nearly trebled four years ago, a move that sparked violent student protests. The LMD reform has come to help universities face globalization and the internationalisation of higher education.

Melouk Mohamed Djillali Liabes University iindice: Some of the most serious of these implications, which I will address here, are the polarisation of the student body, and the redefinition of the higher education experience — in particular the relationship between students, faculty, HEIs and the wider society. Institutions of Syetem in Islam and the West.

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