Cietac arbitration rules

If circumstances that need to be disclosed arise during the Emergency Arbitrator Procedures, the emergency arbitrator shall promptly disclose such circumstances in writing. If this foreign element is not present or if the contract is a Sino-foreign joint venture agreement, for example, and the parties chose a foreign law for the resolution of disputes under the contract, then this agreement will be in conflict with a mandatory provision of the law. Costs may be paid in foreign currencies equivalent to the RMB amount. Accordingly, one of CIETAC's objectives is to build and internationalize its "brand" by, among other things, modifying and improving its arbitration rules, carrying out more arbitration education and training, and diversifying and building up an influential group of arbitrators.

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In response to more recent concerns about the legitimacy of investor-state arbitration, the Rules provide for a measure of transparency to the resolution of international investment disputes.

An arbitration agreement is in writing if it is contained in the tangible form of a document such as a contract, letter, telegram, telex, fax, electronic data interchange, or email.

Where the parties jointly or separately request a suspension of the arbitral proceedings, or under circumstances where such suspension is necessary, the arbitral proceedings may be suspended.

Facilitating the Belt and Road: Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the Chairman of CIETAC shall appoint a sole arbitrator to form such an arbitral tribunal, which shall examine the case in a procedure it considers appropriate and render an award in due course.

Article 53 Correction of Award.

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the arbitral tribunal may adopt an inquisitorial or adversarial approach in hearing the case having regard to the circumstances of the case. The tribunal also has the authority to determine the place of arbitration, provided that the location determined to be the place of arbitration is arbitgation a country that is a signatory to the New York Convention[7]. Upon a reasoned request of a party, the emergency arbitrator or the arbitral tribunal to be formed may modify, suspend or terminate the decision.

Where the arbitral tribunal is composed of a sole arbitrator, the number of copies submitted may be reduced by two. The Claimant cietc initiate a single arbitration concerning disputes arising out of or in connection with multiple contracts, provided that: The Rules could be included in investment contracts between Chinese investors and host country governments. Register now for your free, tailored, daily legal newsfeed service.

CIETAC Investment Arbitration Rules

An arbitrator shall not represent either party, and shall be and remain independent of the parties and treat them equally. Share Facebook Twitter Linked In. The written opinions of the other arbitrators shall be kept with the file and may be appended to the award. Article 82 Arbitration Fees and Costs.

Briefing of Fees and Important Rules under CIETAC Arbitration Rules () - Lexology

CIETAC accepts cases involving economic, trade and other disputes of a contractual or non-contractual nature, based on an agreement of the rjles. The prevailing view is that a tribunal seated in mainland China does not have this authority, as current Chinese law does not expressly convey this authority to tribunals in China. If such an omission does exist, the arbitral tribunal shall make an additional award within thirty 30 days of its receipt of the written request.

Hearings shall be held in camera. Where the Request for Joinder is filed after the formation of the arbitral tribunal, a decision shall be made by CIETAC after the arbitral tribunal hears from all parties including the additional party if the arbitral tribunal considers the joinder necessary. The parties shall advance emergency arbitrator fees of 30, CNY.

CIETAC Issues New Arbitration Rules: Interim Measures and Consolidation Among the Highlights

Where the parties have reached a settlement agreement by themselves through negotiation or conciliation before the commencement of an arbitration, either party may, based on an arbitration agreement concluded between them that provides for arbitration by CIETAC and the settlement agreement, request CIETAC to constitute an arbitral tribunal to render an arbitral award in accordance with the terms of the settlement agreement.

The Application, evidence and other documents shall be submitted in triplicate. The validity arbktration an arbitration clause or an arbitration agreement shall not be affected by any modification, cancellation, termination, transfer, expiry, invalidity, ineffectiveness, rescission or non-existence of the contract.

Within thirty 30 days from its receipt of the arbitral award, either party may request the arbitral tribunal in writing for a correction of any clerical, typographical or calculation errors, or any errors of a similar nature contained arbihration the award.

Article 28 Sole-Arbitrator Tribunal. At the request of a party, the arbitral tribunal may decide to order or award any interim measure it deems necessary or proper in accordance with the applicable law or the agreement of the parties and may require the requesting party to provide appropriate security in connection with the measure.

If a party fails to nominate or appoint a substitute arbitrator accordingly, the substitute arbitrator shall be appointed by the Chairman of CIETAC. Article 42 Examination of Evidence. This is an important provision because there are a number of areas where Chinese law is mandatory.

If circumstances that need to be disclosed arise during the Emergency Arbitrator Procedures, the emergency arbitrator shall promptly disclose such circumstances in writing. An arbitration clause contained in a contract shall be treated as a clause independent and separate from all other clauses of the contract, and an arbitration agreement attached to a contract shall also be treated as independent and separate from all other clauses of the contract.

The Rules adopt a fee structure commensurate with Chinese commercial arbitration rules and practice. Such additional award shall form a part of the arbitratino award and shall be subject to the provisions in Paragraphs 4 to 9 of Article 49 of these Rules. A party which has justifiable doubts as to the impartiality or independence of the appointed emergency arbitrator may challenge that emergency arbitrator in writing and shall state the facts and reasons on which the challenge is based with supporting evidence.

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