Tsm interview questions and answers

After a long research iam posting this thread i hope it is very usefull for who are new to Tivoli storage manager Interview questions from IBM, one my few friends attend to interview i collected from their experinces and questions also. Increase TSM server performance by following these guidelines. Ans Tape errors video tutorial. TSM at Tyco was asked

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Increase TSM server performance by following these guidelines.

Update the drive path by using. Transferring data from disk to tape pool.

TSM Made Easy: Interview Questions

TSM interview questions shared by candidates. Fix Qnd how the server resolves inconsistencies between the database inventory and the specified storage pool volume. Difference between backup and archive? TSM Questions Please send me a copy of them. Audit library libname Question Please help support our sponsors by considering their products and services.

The FC SAN physical components such as network cables network adapters and hubs or switches can be used to design a Fibre channel Storage How To Ahswers Virtual Volumes?

Let me introduce other material that may be good for net community. Tell me the process the moving the tape from mountable state to vault state? Ans We have to define all the drives on both Library Manager and Library clients. Ans Yes, In our environment we should do DR drills for every 6 months to ensure we are ready for any disaster recovery.

Tell me about a time you disagreed with your boss? Yes please As anyone who uses the product knows you would be crazy to try and lie your way into a TSM job. Ans IBM library model with 4 drives. Difference between clientopt and clopset?

IBM TSM Interview Questions & Answers

Traditionally, compute operating systems have communicated with peripheral devices over channel connections, such as Enterprise Systems Co Below are some of the frequently asked Commvault Backup Interview questions and Answers. Ans Migration is inteview to move client files from one storage pool to the next storage pool in the storage hierarchy.

Ans Cloptset is answwrs to define a name for a set of options which you can assign to clients for archive, backup, restore, and retrieve operations. Difference between active and validate policy set? What Is The Process? Background process in TDP for hardware. I am new to TSM. This parameter value should not be greater than available tape drives.

Have you ever lie on your resume?

Explain About Drm Tape States? Explain policy management class step by step in commandline? The cartridge slot or entry port is identified by its element address.

Ravindran: IBM Tivoli TSM Interview question

If there is no volumes in the next stgpool or if any mig delay parameter is mentioned migration effects. Default retention period for archive? What Are Your Daily Activities? Generally, TSM event messages are in below format. What Is Prole Process tsm?

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