Treasure yourself miranda kerr

Instead, I found it insipid, pseudo-intellectual, and occasionally boring. Found this book quite terrible. Miss Kerr speaks honestly and makes you feel like you're both sitting down over a cup of tea and sharing stories.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Miranda Kerr has been my favorite Victoria's Secret model since almost the start of her career with the retailer, which was why I really wanted to like her book.

I loved this book when I first picked it rteasure I quiet liked this book. As a model that a lot of young girls look up to, I was not impressed by her overall message. As pretty and motivating as this book can get, I still disliked her writing I guess it's because she wrote this by herself and it was realistic and personal from the bottom of her heart but it still felt slightly flat and bland yoursrlf strong features, mainly composition and structure as the empowering theme slowly faded as each page flipped similar to a candle blowing out, nonetheless I still love Miranda.

I did however enjoy reading treasre the affirmations in a stupid ditzy accent with my friend. Thanks for telling us about the problem. You read all these books about learning to love your body and all that, but really all they do is tell you stuff.

This book has really inspiring quotes and metaphors that make you think. Hardcoverpages.

It's a very good book, and I think it can definitely help a lot of young girls, like she said she wanted to. Sep 02, Sheree rated it really liked it. Yet, this narrative really never realizes its full potential, nor does it organize itself in a way that's easy to read through.

It does share some of her life and she does open up a lot, which I love, but she mixes the experiences from her life and makes them into rela Miranda Kerr is my favorite Victoria's Secret Angel and one of my favorite models in general, so two years ago, when I found out she had published mirandq book, I was beyond curious to read it and to see what it was all about.

Treasure Yourself: Power Thoughts for My Generation by Miranda Kerr

I was given this book for free, and I thought it was terrible. For a self-doubting teenager, this was an inspirational, uplifting light at the end of a tunnel. This book helped me change the way I look at things. Treasure Yourself seems miganda it was created mainly for young women, but in reality displays messages for everyone out there in the world who just so happens to be dealing with challenges and struggles. To see what treaure friends thought of this book, please sign up. All of the ideas presented were quite trivial.

Whether mirranda are a woman or not, this book will boost the shit out of your confidence. Kerr is a beautiful soul, inside and out. I was just hoping that we would get to know Miranda more in the book. If this book was written by someone "normal" or "average" it would probably be easier to relate to.

Treasure Yourself: Power Thoughts for My Generation

This is not really a biography, but she wrote a lot about her journey and I was surprised and pleased to know she is eternally grateful, has insecurities now and then and feels sad and jealous at times too. Kerr says, "Basically, it's a whole lot of information that I've found, that has helped me. This is an elementary style issue that any good writer would know to avoid, and any good editor would quickly mjranda out with red ink and fix. Power Thoughts for My Generation 3.

I thought that it was well thought out and she really did have a message to say about every topic she discussed. I would have loved to have heard more about her life and her growing up but I knew that in buying this book I was not picking up an autob Well, first off I am going to start by saying what an inspirational read that book truly was!

I just didn't find anything special or unique in this book. She minimised the amount of text about herself and this gave the reader time to think more about how it may tdeasure affected them in their life.

However, I wanted to change my view on them, give them a second chance, so what better is there to do than read book mirznda by one.

Well, first off I am going to start by saying what an inspirational read that book truly was!

In this book, she gives her insight on life and the ups and downs it comes with. I relate so much to this book because it gives me an insight to someone's life, specifically Miranda and I found myself connecting with her on another level because merr shares similar traits with me.

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