Hidden fires sandra brown

Maybe the reason it has stood the test of time is because it is a Historical. Well, the answer to that is that I rate exclusively on entertainment and joy. Then his chin lowered and he was searching her face again.

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It was a gift he had never expected toreceive and one he didn't feel he deserved, yet she had given herself to him. C Sensuality Subtle Book Type: This is apparently one of her older books I hate to admit it was made before I was born He's super possessive and uncomfortably patriarchal. A pseudonym used by Sandra Brown.

And it was the first time Jared Lockett had ever been with a virgin. Like it's the first time. I've snadra had people come onto some of my other 1-star reviews to express outrage about how I could give X-book a positive review, when they considered it trash, and yet give Y-book, which they considered chock-full of literary merit, a low review. It didn't sanvra I was cramming for exams and was worrying my days away about how my marks would look, so my lack of relaxation wasn't totally Sandra Brown's fault!

Now, Olivia, his mother is absolutely one of the worst mothers I have read about. The H fkres uninterested but seems ineffectual in these goings on. I'm all about the steamy sex but I found the sex in this book to be muted. Ergo, esta es una de mis novelas favoritas.

But her body was so female, her lips so soft, warm, virginal, that what had been hurtful and brutal became tender, seeking, questioning. It didn't knock me off my feet like some romance novels do, but I like that it was simple, sweet and to the point. Lauren who is an innocent babe in the woods when it comes to carnal desires is misjudged right from the very start by Jared and thus makes her life miserable from the onset of their marriage.

This book was surprising.

The Texan, an elderly but dashing man sees something in her, which makes him come up with a scheme of his Oh well, this SB historical is one of her earlier works. Well-written historical novels usually find a good balance between brosn historical facts and fictional character interactions. Her slender fingers closed around the warm shaft with its velvet skin stretched smooth.

Hidden Fires by Laura Jordan

But then, she had never seen a masculine physique like this before. A maybe too brwon and nearly indescribable goodhearted heroine and a too tough hard-hearted hero. The villains are many and treacherous. She had been a virgin. But still she feels an attraction towards the mocking and mostly drunk man.

Detailed Review Summary of Hidden Fires by Sandra Brown

If they had been, mixed with the drama it would have made the book even better. To some people, that's hivden worst norm in the world, but sometimes that norm just gets me!

Oh the hero could be hateful but they did have some good moments together. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Sandra keeps the firss tension mounting until all I could do was practically squirm in my chair from wanting the explosive culmination of the desire between Jared and Lauren, something Sandra is very good at delivering on! I absolutely adore Jared and Lauren.

Hidden Fires Book Summary and Study Guide

View all 8 comments. Not too complicated, not too sensual, and not too surprising, Hidden Fires is an average romance novel. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I simple love this book and with every re read and they were many and will be many more to come i have the same feeling. Instagram Twitter Facebook Amazon Pinterest If you're new to following me, one of the things that you should definitely know about me is that I love vintage romance novels.

Oh, and until he finds out that she was a virgin, he still thinks that she slept with his father and he constantly holds that over her head, treating her like she's dirty laundry or worse.

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