The woman warrior maxine hong kingston

I'm teaching children of soldiers I fought with. In the first part of this chapter, the narrator is recounting how her mother once told her the story of the No-Name Woman. This is an intensely pe The Woman Warrior is one of those unfortunate, middle-of-the-road type books for me, which I don't have particularly strong feelings about one way or another. Rage at the position of girls is worked into wish fulfilling self-mythologising in the delicate and poetic yet fierce story 'White Tigers', in which the narrator fantasises about doing what she imagines a girl must do to be valued.

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Yet she is not tempted to flee the US because she disagrees with wzrrior government. Ought to write up a thinky review, with lots of discussion of representation and acknowledgment that it's unfair to expect every Chinese-American writer to describe the entire Chinese -American experience, but I am too lazy to do that right now.

Her father, Tom Hong, had been a poet and village teacher, and bong mother, Ying Lan, was a midwife trained in western and Chinese medicine in Canton.

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Interview by Jody Hoy. See all books by Maxine Hong Kingston.

The book marked a breakthrough to a wider audience for Asian-American writers. I think most of my issues with this book would've been solved if Hong Kingston stopped saying "Chinese blah blah blah", as if all Chinese people were one great homogeneous block and did the same thing, all the time and everywhere.

I had the sense of small minds - in China and America - defending their smaller reality. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Nov 16, Lena Lang rated it liked it.

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As someone who was born in India but raised in America, while I do unfortunately have to lump together a lot of assumptions about Indians via my own experiences, I do comprehend that not all Indians are the same and I cannot judge one darrior based on my conversations with another.

They now live in Oakland.

The book itself talks of the China of her parents she was born maine the US after her father emigrated in using th This was an intense book full of both women's power and violence against women set against the backdrop of the Cultural Revolution and the emigration of many Chinese people fleeing Mao to California. A central chapter, "The Laws", lists a century of anti-Chinese Exclusion Acts and quotas dating from the s. They owe her more than they know. I am really a Dragon, as she is a Dragon, both of us born in dragon years.

Eva Hoffman, author of Lost in Translationsays it broke ground in that "US immigrant literature had been about an external journey towards success, or the vicissitudes of getting on in America; the psychological, emotional aspects hadn't been explored. It is highly poetic at times such as when Maxine's grandmother still in China sends her sweet tastes telepathically, "How large the world must be to make my grandmother only a taste by the time she reaches me.

It's qarrior of the best memoirs I've ever read, marked by sensitivity, sorrow, unresolvable conflict transformed into a breathtaking work of art, an epic canvas unrolling intricacies and intimacies that made me miss my warriod stop, get the kingstln train, mix up bus routes, so absorbed was I by the character of Brave Orchid, the narrator's mother. In terms of Kingston's decision-making process in what to include and exclude from her story, she admits to using only what she deemed was "necessary" cultural imagery.

As John Svensson, a graduate of West Point military academy who attended the workshops, points out: Sep 01, Sarrior. I'm glad I had more time with it then other students did, maixne then I had more time to thoroughly study the narrative. It is a mixture of autobiography and folklore and is beautifully written. How much of life is real anyway?

It's a book about constructing identities and figuring out what things you want to take with you into your life and what things you are leaving behind. Madsen claimed that autobiographical Chinese American writing is full of competing discourses that differ both culturally and racially, and as Chinese American writers seek both Chinese ethnicity and American citizenship, the result may be "a subversion of racial authenticity", which she believed to be the case with Kingston.

I was testing my faith that the art of writing could lead us out of our pain and losses and we'd come home from the wars to a hard-won peace. I gave The Joy Luck Club five stars, but Kingston's rejection of omniscience in this book makes its approach, to me, more All in all, a really beautiful novel that I will definitely need to reread in the future.

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The Woman Warrior

It is highly inspirational to see such a strong female character. The stories are highly imaginative; the narrative flows with wondrous elements of magical-realism. And it has kind of an empowering message I guess.

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