Hanna pitkin the concept of representation

For Mansbridge, each of these different forms of representation generates a different normative criterion by which representatives should be assessed. The activity of representatives—that is, the actions taken on behalf of, in the interest of, as an agent of, and as a substitute for the represented. The delegate and the trustee conception of political representation place competing and contradictory demands on the behavior of representatives.

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History of Western Philosophy.

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Pitkin has in many ways set the terms of contemporary discussions about representation by providing this schematic overview of the concept of political representation. These advances point to new forms of political representation, ones that are not limited to the relationship between formal representatives and their constituents.

For this understanding of political representation specifically, its demarcation from participatory democracy was useful for distinguishing Western democracies from Communist countries. Objective interests are the key for determining whether the autonomy of representative and the autonomy of the represented have been breached.

The Representative ClaimOxford: All Title Author Keyword.

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Political Representation

David Plotke has noted that this emphasis on mechanisms of authorization and accountability was especially useful in the context of the Cold War.

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Roland and John Chapman eds. It is the most comprehensive--and very likely the best--book yet written on the concept of representation.

One popular approach to addressing the different and conflicting standards used to evaluate representatives within democratic polities, is to simply equate multiple standards with democratic ones. The Concept of Representation.

Urbinati, Nadia and Mark Warren, Concwpt concerned with representation, this book is about an idea, a concept, a word. University of California Press. It is primarily a conceptual analysis, not a historical study of the way in which representative government has evolved, nor yet an empirical investigation of the behavior of contemporary representatives or the expectations The Triangle of Representation.

The Federalist PapersIsaac Kramnick ed.

Political Representation (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

More specifically, Mansbridgefocuses on four functions and their related contexts in which disadvantaged groups would want to be represented by someone who belongs to their group. In particular, a controversy has raged over whether representatives should act as delegates or trustees. Second, her analysis of representation cncept the importance of recognizing how representative institutions include conccept well as they exclude. Representatives are assessed by the degree of acceptance that the representative has among the represented.

Stealth DemocracyCambridge: The Voice of the People: How individuals represent an electoral district is treated as distinct from how social movements, judicial bodies, or informal organizations represent. To understand the multiple and conflicting standards within the concept of representation is to reveal the futility of holding all representatives to some fixed set of guidelines. Relying on the experiences of African-Americans, Williams shows the consistent patterns of betrayal of African-Americans by privileged white citizens that give them good reason for distrusting white representatives and the institutions themselves.

For example, her claim that descriptive representation opposes accountability is often the starting point for contemporary discussions about whether marginalized groups need representatives from their groups. Proportional Election Systems for the 21 st CenturyColumbia: Warren, Mark and Dario Castiglione, The Future of Representative DemocracyCambridge: The appropriateness of any given representative is therefore partially dependent on future behavior as well as on his or her past relationships.

Bruno Latour on Collectives and Constitutions.

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