The haunting of toby jugg

Enjoyable, but a bit too drawn out. Bizarrely, when Toby does realise it's a spider, he counts it as having six legs To view it, click here. A pretty good study of the psychology of fear. Books by Dennis Wheatley.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? I felt it wasted my time. There's a problem loading this menu right now. His nurse Deb and attendant Taffy attend to his needs during the day; jug, soon Toby Jugg comes to suspect Helmuth of plotting against him.

Hammer did purchase the rights, but never proceeded with a production of it. Overall an excellent read.

I like the concept of Weylands as a school, in allowing the students to pursue the topics in which they're interested while also requiring the basics.

At night, he is becoming increasingly disturbed by a strange presence - a mysterious shadow thrown by the moonlight through a gap in the blackout curtains.

Taffy Morgan is the head hajnting son and engaged to serve as body-servant to Toby, helping to bathe and dress him. As is the case with these sorts of stories, a bucket load of plot twists make sure that nothing is ever quite what it seems. As an occult thriller, this novel is certainly highly enjoyable and recommended on that account.

The Haunting of Toby Jugg (Black Magic) Dennis Wheatley: Bloomsbury Reader

February 26, at 8: The premise is good. She said that it was so scary she couldn't sleep with tobby light off for days. His literary output includes historical romances, police adventures, spy novels, and books involving satanism and the occult, along with nonfiction books. Current Giveaways Thoughtful Thursday: Don't have a Kindle?

The Haunting of Toby Jugg: A pretty good study of the psychology of fear

So begins what is probably Dennis Wheatley's most terrifying story of the supernatural. He invented a number of board games including Invasion. Thanks for haunfing us about the problem. He was drugged in the end. You can't get away or get help, as your mail is be This is the first book by this author that I have read and I must admit to having mixed feelings about it.

It was long I read it on my nook but it was worth it. An interesting story all in all and I wasn't scared at all, like I thought I would be. Apr 11, David rated it it was ok.

May 30, Corynn Robinnson rated it really liked it. And as Toby and the story goes on, I began jugf see how awful it really was. June 29, at 4: He tovy became Toby's private tutor when Toby was March 21, at 1: Still, once a reader has bought into the existence of the Devil, then why not God himself?

I had to laugh as it was so true. All in all good fun and it's always a joy to find a Wheatley oof nestling on a shelf in a charity shop waiting being liberated and ending up on my to be read pile Wheatley was what is now termed a wet conservative, basically in favor of the class system and private enterprise but in favor of a social safety net for the disadvantaged. Apr 29, Kathy Davie rated it it was ok Shelves:

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