Scta rule book

Push bars must not offer any aerodynamic advantage. Celebrating 65th anniversary of racing on the salt. Minimum inflation pressure shall be 45 psi. Hydrogen fueled vehicles will run for time only.

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January 18, All competitors are required to cooperate fully with the Contest Board in the inspection for such devices. All owners, drivers, and crews will be responsible for the maintenance of their pit area and will be expected to present a neat and respectable appearance.

No recaps are allowed. All belly pans must have holes for drainage.

LJB, see what a grand bunch we are? Nortonist Hero Member Offline Location: Due to special considerations required using these fuels contact: This does not apply to spindle mounted nonferrous wheels. A box may be constructed to enclose the portion of the transmission which protrudes through the step pan. It is recommended that ballast be mounted as low as possible. LJB -- Take Jon up on the offer of communicating directly with him.

Bonneville MPH Club

Water injection is allowed. A functional shock absorber is required for each sprung wheel. November 11, Construction shall be of nonfiammable materials. The minimum tread dimensions for all Vintage Category vehicles is 44" front and 50" rear.

2018 SCTA Rule Book

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The displacement of reciprocating engines shall be computed by the following formula: Tires are subject to inspection by the Contest Board at any time. All except you, you jerk! All white or silver unpainted vehicles must also show a contrasting color on the body.

Fender skirts sct not allowed, except in Streamliner class. Cockpits may be covered with any nonflammable material and may be flexible or rigid unless otherwise stated in the ciass rules.

Bobbing is allowed in selected classes. Tubes are required, except for racing tires expressly designed for use without tubes. South West Utah Posts: The transition at the rear of the step pan to the floorboard shall occur at a 45 degree or steeper angle to be exempted from the definition of a belly pan.


No towed starts will be permitted from the starting line without special approval. Inspections made with tires mounted are accepted.

Air ducts may pierce, but shall not extend past exterior body work and shall not be utilized to eliminate a prominent feature e. Canopies must be able to be opened from both the inside and outside without the use of tools and latches must be clearly marked on the outside of the vehicles for emergencies.

The prohibition against "wheel covering" in some class rules does not apply to "full wheel" discs, which are legal in all categories if securely fastened to the wheels with six 6 or more machine grade screws or three 3 Dzus type fasteners.

Except where specifically forbidden by class rules, any design frame may be used. The type of tire required in each class shall be governed by the current record speed in such class at the beginning of a meet as follows:

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