Livro comer rezar e amar

Real life is not reflective of that ideal, and I wonder how much of this "autobiography" was embellished to adhere to that formula; how much of the story was omitted because it didn't fit with the way the book flowed and how the story needed to transpire in order for this book to become "The Next Big Thing". That a Westerner could go to India on her spiritual quest and have absolutely no awareness of 1 her gross appropriation of another culture's religion, and 2 the abject poverty that surrounds her, is inexusable. Today is a new day!

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Richard is like her own personal gadfly, never letting her just coast along and settle for her misery. View all 8 comments. I felt that Gilbert projects herself so strongly onto every place and every person she encounters that I'm not sure what she really learnt along the way.

Today is a new day! OK, that part I get but I just had a real difficult time finding sympathy for a woman who is able to do all of that and still find time to whine about how hard life is for her. My girl is heading to Europe, and her journey will not be so different, in pursuit of learning, and understanding, and healing her own broken heart. Feb 05, Denise rated it did not like it Recommends it for: All of these boxes were arriving at my door because my daughter was taking wing on a journey like none before, and she is, for her 26 years, well traveled even when measured against adults thrice her age.

You must take care of yourself, and be happy with who you are. View all 15 comments.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

You have never had to go through a healing process that seems endless. All those cynics out there who criticize Gilbert for writing a "too cutesy" memoir that seems beyond belief and who claim that comr is selfish for leaving her comed are clearly missing the point. It is her memoir, not yours.

The endless, endless crying. I understand that her intention was not for this book to be a travelogue but it begs the question, "Why was it necessary to go to Italy, India and Indonesia if the purpose was to not to gain something from them that could not be found elsewhere?

Escritora Rayya Elias, esposa de autora de 'Comer, rezar, amar', morre aos 57 anos

Country I is not your personal terrain for self-discovery. Didn't that whole episode just turn out a little too cutely? But about two weeks in, the loneliness came around and so did the anxiety.

Join the club but at least you have the money and the lack of responsibility to travel for an entire year and not have to worry about family, money and I don't know life in general. I also would have told her to chop off about a third of the first part of her book. rzar

Eat, Pray, Love

Jul 21, Tonya rated it it was ok. Apr 23, Kalyn Nicholson rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved that the reader could really feel that she was finally transcending this deeply inward, wounded stage of her life and coming out onto the other side. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it One thing that Richard said to her when she was whining about missing David was that soul mates are not supposed to be forever.

I think that when you can honestly answer that question "No. View all 12 comments.

And now I've been able to spend time making myself happy. The reader is frustrated and unable to connect with her on any level. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. She used up to of them a day, and that adds up to about 4, wipes since her addiction began. In hard cover, this book only generated mediocre book sales in the year in was published. Nov 01, Angie rated it it was ok Shelves: She is sitting across from a real Italian S I have copied this from a blog I wrote a few weeks ago: Please, poor woman is completely lost so what does she do?

Next we move on to Bali, where Liz had visited before. I'm just not convinced.

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