Guia zelda phantom hourglass

Stone Tower Temple Palace of Winds 6. House of Gales 3.

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Once you disembark, follow the path until you find a gossip stone.

Tower of Spirits 2 4. The Wand of Gamelon Zelda's Adventure.

Inside The Deku Tree 2. Head back outside and walk around the island, looking for the mermaid. So draw the requisite lines on your map and go to the destination phangom. The Snake Level 5: Temple of Courage 7. This page has been accessed 40, times. This amount is subject to change until you make payment.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Within The Well En este sentido, hay un alto reciclaje de efectos sonoros, y eso sin contar los gritos de Link al atacar, rescatados directamente de Ocarina of Time.

Tetra falls into danger when she explores the ship alone, and Link falls into the ocean when he attempts to rescue her. Fortress of Winds 4. Exit the cave and leave this island.

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Tower of Spirits 3 6. Zelda CD-i Games Link: A tablet to the north notes that you should draw a line connecting the eastern tiles and a line connecting the zslda tiles. Open the chest to get a shovel.

The first time around, the hero will give up after two times and give you a piece of treasure. The Black Tower Jump down and dig at the cracked patch of earth beneath the tree to uncover another huge Rupee. Lanayru Mining Facility 8.

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Go up the stairs and jump the gaps to gua right. The Wind Waker continues as Link finds himself lost and alone in unknown seas in a new adventure.

Do you already have an account? Watch list is full. Enter the cave and go straight through to the end to reach the Ghia Chief.

Vah Naboris Dungeon With the aid of this fairy, he sets off to find Tetra — and hougrlass way back to the seas he once knew.

It tells you that to enter the cave, you need to hit the four gossip stones on the island in a specific order. This article needs images!


Tower of Spirits 4 8. Tower of Spirits 5 Tower of Spirits 6 The first thing you might notice about the island is that there's no map. Game Series The Legend of Zelda.

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