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The i-Maths method takes it further with creative problems designed to develop strong thinking skills as children are forced to think beyond the conventional methods of problem solving and come up with multiple possible solutions:. There are 2 books, which are attractively colored and simple with bold numbers and pictures. The child should be punctual.

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UC Training Methods

These workshops open a forum for CIs to discuss their issues and seek solutions for the same. The training for decimals in addition and subtraction is given and also for regular practice for multiplication and division.

The 2-hour classroom is divided into different fun activities using the flash cards, numbers and listening exercises which will enhance the VAT Learning- Visual Auditory and Tactile Learning. Role playing is a common and effective way to understand the concerns faced on the job.

Resources: New Math / i-Maths

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Abacus T-shirt should be worn for class. Bookks practice enhances the imaging skill of the child. Parents are not allowed to enter the classroom while the class is in progression.

Coaching and Mentoring CIs are throughout monitored and mentored at the center by the center mentor or the technical head with tips to improve in various areas of management and teaching. A gap of 2 to 3 months booms required between each level training to ensure that the CI has had hands on experience for the level trained.

Contrary to the conventional way of learning techniques that are book oriented Abacus. The kits are recommended for children ages 3 to 6 years. UCMAS culture encourages students to be a part of and experience the different platform of competition and exams which develops competitive spirit, time management skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude.

Resources: New Math / i-Maths » Figur8 - Nurture for the Future

The student should be consistent in his work. The instructions given by the instructor should be strictly adhered to. This brings confidence in the team players and gives them an idea to deal with the day to day challenges of the job. Introduction of abacus number 6 to 9 Addition bookx subtraction single digit The fundamentals of abacus are taught and the child is trained to handle the abacus appropriately.

It facilitates tactile learning and the connection of the fingers to the brain helping the child to enhance the working and stimulation of the brain cells.

Science behind the bopks and brain development I never wrote about them because most of the kit is in Chinese and I had no proper source for them. The child is made to learn the Tables. Reversible Method This method adds a higher degree of challenge.

The programs are interactive with the child actively participating in all aspects of learning. There are 2 books, which are attractively colored and simple with bold numbers and pictures. This prepares them to absorb the technical training, which is offered later at the HO. Apart from training nooks solve problems mentally without the abacus children are also trained in solving decimal numbers in all the above the mathematical processes. It takes the student boosk question to answer and from answer back to the question.

Competition teaches the importance of regularity, hard work, dedication and time management skills as students are expected to complete booos in 8 minutes which requires intense practice. Good work habits, discipline is an essential attribute to the personality development of a child and would help them to achieve great success in life.

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You can contact them for more information. At the end of each level training, the CI is expected to complete a level assessment where she is tested on her technical skills.

About i-Maths from UCMAS The i-Maths method is unique because it encourages children to use imagination and creativity as well as their thinking skills to booos the problems.

The child is prepared to tackle any sum with ease pertaining to single digits. Q About us Contact us.

Students earn and collect points as a group or individually hcmas their participation and performance which creates a fulfilled energetic and competitive learning environment for the students. An introduction to division in abacus is given.

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