Verbi frasali inglese

Tim is always bringing up his health problems. Lack of money held our project back. After minutes of quarrelling on the phone, the man just hung up.

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Lucy is positive she can count on her brother whenever she needs help. Lucy gave away the news in a Facebook post. Danny asked Kelly out.

Phrasal verbs = Verbi fraseologici - eInglese: Con noi l'inglese sarĂ  un piacere.

Lucy put her bag down and went to her room. Tom started looking down on vsrbi when he got promoted. Our children grew up to become successful artists. The CIA agent found the boy who wanted to blow up the building.

Tim usually hangs out in the local pub. They kept the news from everyone to avoid panick. I went over my thesis three times before submitting it.

Jim took us out to a club to celebrate his birthday. My mother brought me up to respect others.

They threw away half of the food after the picnic. I am looking for my wallet. They are both resourceful. Tim wanted to frssali on washing machine but the electricity was cut off. I switched off the radio and enjoyed some time in peace.

Sarah looks down on her sister because she is unemployed. I looked up to my brother when I was younger. Kim takes after her mother. The old lady was putting her neighbour down for being inglesf. Tim asked Liz out to dinner.

In last issue of the magazine, they were giving away a free DVD. I had to go without breakfast this morning as I was already late for work. John took the laptop inglwse and fixed it. I took my camera back as it had broken down after one week of use.

Tim is always bringing up his health problems. The dogs should be kept out of this park. Can you point your secret admirer out when she arrives here? Kim should wake up earlier tomorrow morning to catch the train. The doorstaff did not let Jim in the club because he was carrying a bottle. You have to made up inglwse really good excuse for being late this time.

Can you look this word up in the dictionary to make sure you know its meaning. I really look forward to hearing from my family. Lucy handed her report in late again.

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