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Keep in mind heavy travel times, peak hours, and any unexpected delays. Looking for the fastest way to get from A to B? Don't forget to give us feedback by choosing support in the app, or emailing us at barcelonametro mxdata.

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Pick-pocketers often work in groups so as one person creates the distraction, the other will go for your stuff 7.

Barcelona Metro - a how to guide for tourists visiting Barcelona

Valid until end of January of following year. These tickets range from 2 to 5 consecutive days with unlimited usage. Below you will find the most recently updated version of the Barcelona Metro mapincluding the new 5 stations of line L10, schedules and the prices of tickets year most often used on the subway.

While on the metro, hold your bag in front of you.

Each station has the metro arriving every 2 to 6 minutes. We've made improvements for compatibility and removed a few bugs too. As part of our on-going commitment to quality, this release makes a number of usability improvements and fixes several minor bugs which were affecting some users. London Underground by Zuti. A few bug fixes. A couple of things to tell you about in this release: Using the Metro in Barcelona.

Fixes for older devices, including pinch zooming and panning of map, and start up crashes.

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The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. Give it a try and share with your friends and family. The great barcelonna is that there are ways to prevent it from happening to you:.

Skateboarding Barcelona, a Locals Guide: Be careful of distractions. The above map of Barcelona is Zone 1, also including Barcelona airport.

Luckily, staying at a Sant Jordi Hostels Barcelona hostel gives you easy access to all there is to see. The map below map is provided on the back of a flyer that you will receive when checking in at the Rock Palace hostel.

We would love to hear from you. Looking for the fastest way to get from A to B? The free app works both with and without an internet connection to help you navigate around Barcelona on public transport, wherever you are!

The ticket you purchase to get japa the city is not the same as the one to get to the Barcelona airport.

Best Barcelona Festivals June 9, For route planning and other features, the app must be operated in portrait mode. Barcelona Metro includes the official TMB metro map and a handy route planner.

Easy to search for a particular TMB metro station or find the nearest station to you. Barcelona metro timetable and ticket information. Keep an eye out for each other Any additional information about the Barcelona Metro can be found on their website: Like using Barcelona Metro?

Best Graffiti Spots mehro Barcelona. One of the most frequent places for pick-pocketing to occur is on the metro.

We regularly update the app to make it better for you. Best Picnic Places in Barcelona May 4,

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