The man who knew infinity by robert kanigel

He grew up in the small slums of Madras, where class and and religious segregation defined societys laws. I've yet to see the film but Patel's one of my faves so I'm looking forward to it. Its a fascinating read from the book. I Only Wanted to Live: A story of an unforgettable woman and the entire Jewish community in Italy, in face of the Holocaust.

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However, mn is an example of non-fiction so well-written that the subject takes a back seat to the pleasure of reading, exploring a different world and seeing into a unique mind. This is deffinitley not so in Indian culture. Or, perhaps, the barriers he overcame ended up causing only delays, not reductions, in maan accomplishments. I get the feeling that the author collected a large amount of material, and felt the need to be completist in disclosing it all. Like all the regular biographies, even this book takes its steps in a chronological order, starting with the birth of Ramanujan and his upbringing in the small town of Kumbhakonam i This is one of the fascinating books I've read in a long time.

The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of the Genius Ramanujan by Robert Kanigel

Ramanujan, however, seemed to be native to it and preferred being there. And I personally dislike him. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. I don't want to watch the movie anymore. More than Ramanujan's genius and potential that was tragically cut short in its prime, what affected me more was the tragic life of his wife - Married at 13 and widowed very soon with hardly a sniff at life Robert Kanigel has put in a lot of effort researching material to write such a comprehensive biography of a genius from a century ago.

The Man Who Knew Infinity - Wikipedia

Though I am aware of Srinivasa Ramanujan and his achievements, this books takes us through an entirely different journey altogether. You are commenting using your WordPress. To view it, click here. The book talks about his religious beliefs, personal life, his relationship with professors like Hardy, Littlewood and Neville, about Hardy's life, his contributions to mathematics, his struggle to get recognition for the work he had done, his struggle to feed his poor family and his eccentricity and stubbornness.

Therefore, studying this book and pondering the challenge its subject presents is strongly recommended to philosophers, scientists and technologists working on advanced artificial intelligence and the Singularity infiniity as ianigel whole.

This would require more than super-intelligence namely a quantum leap into what we do not understand and cannot even conceptualize. No kanigell of human intelligence opens a door to becoming a Ramanujan; and no algorithm is likely to produce robots with the abilities of Ramanujan.

Hardy — This is one of the most fascinating and incredible books I have read in recent times. Kanigel is kbew able to narrate to us life at Cambridge during those times, how the other mathematicians were in awe of Ramanujan for his genius and how Ramanujan, who never had an Indian degree to his name, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society F.

Ramanujan never got any support, while in India, maybe because of British Raj or maybe because nobody understood the significance of his theorems.

The book covers the period from his birth to his death and a little beyond. After a life a penury and struggle, with no one in India capable of even understanding if his work was brilliant or a just pure drivel, Ramanujam got the recognition he deserved when his papers reached the British mathematician Hardy.

This book has answered all these questions well enough, only drawback I feel is, its pretty hard to follow the sequence of the events. The author gives all the relevant information like local customs, religion, geography, and family dynamics at appropriate places while describing the life of Mr. And i never regretted it anytime until i read some of the mathematical parts in this book.

The Man Who Knew Infinity

Also, interspersed with some very interesting takes on South Indian life, by an outsider. This biography by Robert Kanigel is a work of outstanding literary and scholarly accomplishment.

The worst examples fail on both accounts.

Roles in Indian culture are static. Hardy loved cricket but Ramanujan showed no interest. Geniuses make mistakes of course, but I expected more focus on the genius parts.

Poverty, ininity family, drawbacks of the poor education system and lack of access to modern books were some of the challenges he faced. Thanks for telling us about the problem. In time, Ramanujan's creative intensity took its toll:

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