Misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia

I did really enjoy the dry wit and humor that Glenny sometimes infused into the writing, and like I said, it was a very good book. Jun 14, Graham Clark rated it really liked it. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

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One of the best books on Balkan politics that I have read.

He brings perspective, local knowledge and an uncanny ability to see the situation from absolutely everybody's point of view. The author seems apart from the conflict. May 03, Parker Donat rated it really liked it. A gripping, personal record of the fall of Yugoslavia, principally the Balkan wars of the early s. It is a must for everyone who is keen to know more about crisis which had befallen the Yugoslavs.

According to him, almost everyone he meets is subhuman and an example of yugoslavian insanity. Paperbackpages. His later book, The Balkans, gives a much broader and deeper exposition of what Yugoslavia was and how it came to disintegrate so violently.

The Fall of Yugoslavia

yuhoslavia He also conveys the extremities of the situation - Readability 5. Above all, he shows us the human realities behind the headlines, and puts in its true, historical context one of the most ferocious civil wars of our time. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that I don't feel I really got a totally full picture This was quite the informative and interesting book, albeit showing quite the journalist's bias.

It came out during the war.

It does not come with a long list of notes, a bibliography or anything of the sort. Published October 31st by Penguin first yigoslavia For instance, the US threat to attack Serbian targets is mentioned suddenly as something that has been threatened but this is the first we hear of it and we have no idea why this is threatened or the context of the threat.

The Fall of Yugoslavia by Misha Glenny | trend-shoes.online

Of course, only the former provides a true, long-term solution. Oct 11, Chris S rated it it was amazing. I understand, at the very least, the politics and roots of the conflict much better than I did before reading it, and I do think it's a very good book. A damning indictment of aggressive nationalism.

I'd suggest reading more as supplemental reading to study on the war in the Balkans, rather than depending on it to be your only information on the matter.

His record of how the Yugoslav state broke up is chronological, but with frequent detours into significant background material. Which is surprising considering the best journalists tend to be directly involved in the conflict they're yugoslvia about. By the end, I was considering how I might find a book with good coverage on this topic, when I remembered Chomsky wrote a far more yugoslaavia analysis of jugoslavia than this author, and in a fraction of the words and pages.

My mother actually bought me this book in the 90s but I was still to traumatized to read it. See all yuggoslavia Kindle reading apps.

Pretty outdated at this point, but Glenny is an adept reporter and good writer so this is worth a read. This book on the breakup of yugoslavia and the glennyy mass violence all across the balkans was neither illuminating nor educating.

As an introduction to the topic, there are however, obvious downfalls for this work. Regardless, history has been extremely kind to the views expressed here. Glenny is evenhanded and thorough in his dissection of the various conflicts and atrocities, offering up relevant historical antecedents throughout, even as he is often overly pessimistic about the region's future.

I strongly suspect that the author attempted to truthfully express what he experienced and understood from the midst of these conflicts to better illuminate what happened. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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A detailed piece of reportage on yugoslavvia wars in the Balkans, but ending before the Srebrenica massacre. Instead, I get an arrogant journal by a man with a lot of repetition and little unique thought and analysis, a man who yugoskavia those around him rather than relating to the material conditions of the time, and one who would while stating and understanding west-european expansionism, ignores the imperial inciting of ethnic-violence by the various super- and regional-powers.

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