Shiv kavach stotra

You are commenting using your WordPress. Tears rolled down my cheeks and again I was just watching this all happen. After being repeatedly told that the mobile was as good as dead, he finally gave up on it and handed it to his two year old daughter to play with it. He tried various methods but it refused to start. In closing, I hope that the experiences will inculcate a sense of gratitude in the readers for any gifts that are received through the grace of a Master, induce them to treat the gifts with utmost respect and reverence and drive them to actively use the gifts consciously, consistently, persistently, and with complete awareness to further their spiritual growth.

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Shiva Kavach - Devi Mandir

Mohanji reproached me for treating the Shiva Kavacham stotram so casually. He is the cause of formlessness. Swami Mohan Bhaktananda known as Yashik Singh in an earlier life: I could see the energy of Shiva flowing through Mohanji but nothing could have prepared me for what followed. Under normal circumstances, that would have scared the beejeezus out of me.

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The unwavering consciousness of a realized Master is the veritable engine that effects the spiritual transformation of the people who come into contact with him thus taking them towards the ultimate goal of liberation. For those conducting POP sessions, Mohanji has allowed it to be played after our meditations as a continuation of gratitude, where all participants should maintain silence and deep reverence.

Secondly, it is exclusive and the condition for exclusivity is the fundamental tenet of the Guru principle — Bhaav devotion. Soon another disciple, Brinda the postman, enters into the ashram. Too often, people tend to accumulate techniques like they gather material possessions. The power must be respected.

I was surprised since I knew I had locked the door but syiv against opening my eyes thinking that the latch may have been loose. Not taking their word, he went to two other service centers to get a second opinion and third opinion, but the same drama played out. This stotram is very, very strong. As if in response, the door started creaking again even louder. At the thought of Mohanji in reverence, as if on cue, the vision instantly disappeared and the ceiling returned back to looking normal.

It cannot be treated as background music. This makes me realise how vulnerable we are to this tool called the mind. I would like to start the first part of this post with the Shiva Kavacham stotram.

I noticed immediately that my breathing changed. Mohanji has set the basic criteria as bhaav attitude of gratitude and surrender and deep devotion towards Lord Shiva, Lord Dattatreya and His numerous Avatars, or Hanumanji, Sai Baba or Mohanji for sharing this unique gift to people.

He did not want any more initiations stitra now.

The other devotees seemed to merge into the void. I would like to share two experiences that I had with the Shiva Kavacham. My fertile mind cooked up another brainwave of increasing the efficacy of Consciousness Kriya by listening to the Kavacham while doing it.

Shiva Kavach

Email required Address never made public. I did not expect much more than to enjoy his voice singing, which I love. I have always been scared of ghosts and the bodyless entities. My hands automatically went to the folding posture and I felt shif if I was merging into Shiva. He complains to the Master as to why he is not granting that request.

It became deeper and fuller. Bhavanalso sshiv Kerala, got a copy of the Shiva Kavacham from one of the local Mohanji devotees.

Miraculous Experiences: Part I with Shiva Kavacham Stotram

I always have had faith in Mohanji. This happened for as long as the Kavacham was played and it subsided thereafter. We were spellbound sstotra we heard the stotram.

Each stage has its value. Lahiri Mahasaya asks Brinda whether he would like to be initiated into the second level of Kriya.

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