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Provides reference information about database initialization parameters, static data dictionary views, dynamic performance views, database limits, and SQL scripts that are part of the Oracle Database. Gateway for Informix User's Guide. This book also describes administrative and deployment topics for Oracle Clusterware. The cloning process assumes that you successfully installed an Oracle Clusterware home and an Oracle home with Oracle RAC on at least one node.

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Some database features are also integrated with Oracle Streams, Advanced Queuing to achieve queue location transparencyand Oracle Scheduler to map services to specific job classes. Windows clusters use the TCP protocol.

Automatic Storage Management provides the infrastructure for a storage grid. The LMS process also controls the flow of messages to remote instances and manages global data focumentation access and transmits block images between the buffer caches of different instances. For availability reasons, the data must be located at both sites, thus requiring the implementation of disk mirroring technology for storage.

This includes providing the highest availability for database connections, rapid failure recovery, and balancing workloads optimally across the active configuration. Data Guard Concepts and Administration. If your application performs well on a noncluster Oracle database, then it will perform well in an Oracle RAC environment.

The scripting on this page is for navigation purposes only, and is not required to access any of the page content.

It 11gr2 multiple disks as a single disk group, and lets you dynamically add or remove disks while keeping databases online. Certified network file system NFS file servers. Provides an introduction to securing an Oracle database. Oracle In-Memory Database Cache. Access to this network is typically controlled by the vendor's software.

Oracle Universal Installer installs Oracle RAC into a directory structure referred to as the Oracle home, which is separate from the Oracle home directory for other Oracle software running on the system. Oracle Dlcumentation uses Oracle Clusterware for the infrastructure to bind multiple servers so they operate as a single system. This is especially true if your environment requires scalability across a greater number of CPUs.

Also, note the following recommendations about monitoring Oracle RAC environments: Oracle Clusterware manages the allocation of nodes to run the instances and Oracle RAC allocates the required redo threads and undo tablespaces, as needed.

Oracle cloning copies images of the software to other nodes that have similar hardware and software. Documentation on this page describes how to manage Documenntation Clusterware and Oracle Real Applications Clusters deployments.

These background slave processes perform tasks on behalf of a coordinating process running in another instance. It is your choice how to configure your storage, but you must use a supported cluster-aware storage solution.

Grid Computing

Guides you through the process of planning and performing upgrades for Oracle Database. PDF for offline viewing.

Configures the network for your Oracle RAC environment. Dynamic resource allocation Oracle Database dynamically docuemntation Cache Fusion resources as needed The dynamic mastering of resources improves performance by keeping resources local to data blocks Cache Fusion enables a simplified tuning methodology You do not have to tune any parameters for Cache Fusion No application-level tuning is necessary You can use a bottom-up tuning approach with virtually no effect on your existing applications More detailed performance statistics More views for Oracle RAC performance monitoring Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control and Grid Control are integrated with Oracle RAC.

Oracle Database High Availability Overview describes how to select the most suitable architecture for your organization, describes several high availability architectures, and provides guidelines for choosing the one that best meets your requirements. For the DBA, the grid is about resource allocation, information sharing, and high availability.

Describes Oracle Database licensing. Oracle Clusterware Oracle Clusterware is a portable cluster software that allows clustering of single servers so that they 11gr2 as a single system.

Real Application Clusters Administration and Deployment Guide - Contents

Oracle Clusterware attempts to keep the required number of servers in the server pool and, therefore, the required number of instances of the Oracle RAC database.

For example, to run Oracle9 i and Oracle Database 10 g in the same cluster:. This chapter includes the following topics: With SCAN, you are no longer required to modify your clients when changes occur to the cluster configuration.

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