Catia mold design tutorial

In this exercise you will insert 4 leader pins that will be positioned on already existing points. First select a point which is displayed as a filled circle and not a cross on the mold base. Incrivelmente absorvente do primeiro ao In the catalog browser dialog box, select the Hasco supplier and continue into more detailed definition of the ejector pin as follows:.

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CATIA V5 Bottle Mold Design

Incrivelmente absorvente do primeiro ao Proceed the same way with the core plate by selecting it from the Ejection Side in the specification tree and applying a split action via the contextual menu.

Click OK, the saving starts and all of the components that make up your mold are now in the MyNewMold directory. Click on OK to validate your choice then repeat this step for the Core. Prior to reading the Mold Tooling Design User's Guide, you are recommended to have a look at the Infrastructure User's Guide for information on the generic capabilities common to all products. Simultaneously, the outline of a mold base is displayed on the part.

Tutorial - Catia - Mold

This is the part to be molded:. Click the Add Gate icon. To create the holes associated to each leader pin, position the From and the To elements respectively to ClampingPlate desitn CavityPlate. As know-how rules are applied, a filter proposes only ejector pins with a consistent length value.

Select CoreSide in the PartingBody in the specifications tree. Here is the final result: The Mold Tooling Design application helps you design a complete injection mold, from the mold base to the components using user-defined and standard catalogs.

Click on Display direction to show the direction in which the split will occur and then click on one of the orange direction arrow on the mold to make sure the split will be upwards.

The Mold Tooling Design User's Guide has been designed to show you how to create a mold base and add all the required mold components to it. This task shows you how to enter the Mold Tooling Design workbench.

The User Tasks section gives a quick description of the operating mode of the various actions, whereas the Methodology section helps you make the most datia those actions.

Tutorial - Catia - Mold - Catia V5 R15

CavitySurface is given as the proposed splitting surface in this case because a surface with this name was found in the MoldedPart; if no surface with this name is found No Selection you will have to choose one from the MoldedPart, for instance.

Note that a GateBody has been added to the MoldedPart in the specification tree. The mold base is created. In this exercise you will create and position molx ejector pin onto the current mold base.

This task shows you how to position mold components onto a selected mold base. Now create another point on the face on the opposite side of the CoreCooling.

This ensures that if the original part to mold is modified that the modifications will be applied to the MoldedPart. To make the most out of this book, we suggest that a beginning user reads the Getting Started chapter first of all and the Workbench Description to find his way around the Core and Cavity Design workbench.

Choose the target directory and push the Propagate directory button. The part file must contain the part itself along with all the surfaces required for the core plate and the. Click on OK in the 'Create a new mold' dialog box for final validation of the mold base.

Click on 'Product1' in the specification tree to make it active.

CATIA V5 Bottle Mold Design - CATIA V5 Tutorial

We advise that the split surface for the CavityPlate should be named CavitySurface, and that for the. Click on the catalog icon to open the catalog browser. Double-click on Dme to select the supplier. An axis system is also created and used for the definition of the main pulling direction. Here we want to define thickness of the CavityPlate.

Click the Scaling icon. Here mod the final result:. If you are not satisfied with one of the created leader pins, select it in the specification tree, then use its contextual menu Edit LeaderPin Component or Delete Component.

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