Qasam us waqt ki

Rebuttal to every incrimination leveled by the atheists and pagans. A clarification of every doubt against Islam. Khuda Bol Raha Hai.

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She is a brilliant student and before accepting anything she logically analyzes and judges it. The Glory and Magnificence of God has beautifully been described in the book.

A story of an atheist girl kicking off her journey to find the Truth. The proof of the truthfulness of Prophets. Its a book that has transformed many wavering souls inclined towards qxsam. Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi.

Khuda Bol Raha Hai. A story of a Monotheist whose life was a symbol of complete obedience to God.

She has lost Faith in God and does not feel herself inclined to kii before the will of God. It is a book that will transform your Faith into a belief.

Book is also available in mp3 audio format. She travelled in time and witnessed the ages of the Messengers and observed with her own eyes the Reward and Punishment meted out to the believers and non-believers. Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

Rebuttal to every incrimination leveled by the atheists and pagans. The story has a literary touch also. Abu Yahya is a Pakistani scholar and writer. You might also like More from author. Likes Followers Followers Subscribers Followers.

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A book that will transform your Faith into a Belief. Through his logical and strong reasoning, that person convenienced her to rethink about ultimate reality of this world logically.

Li clarification of every doubt against Islam. The fascinating nature, its mesmerizing beauty also captures the attention of the reader. She is in the habit of challenging every religious dogma and is skeptical of the religious teachings.

In this book an irrefutable proof of the existence of God and the Day of Judgment has been provided.

From skepticism to Faith and Belief, she reaches a destination where she joins hands with a monotheist to fight against the Satan and to preach the ultimate truth to the fallen humanity.

It is definitely the best gift for the youth. An invigorating description of the age of the Prophets. Phil in Social Sciences. The book is a living story of the age of the Prophets and qassm truthfulness.

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By Abu Yahya Last updated Oct 12, 34, Prev Post Aakhri Jang. The girl sets out her journey to find the Truth. Abu Yahya performs u duty of Inviting to Faith and reformation through Social Media, Newspapers, and public gatherings. In this book the questions about atheism and paganism have been addressed and logically answered. Moreover, his PhD thesis is in progress.

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