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Naime, Ustavni sud BiH je u novembru One thing is clear and unmistakable — the referendum in the RS is a direct affront against the rulings of the Constitutional Court and thereby presents an attack on the BiH Constitution. Before we reach the political consequences of this decision of the RS, a short discussion of the Constitution itself is necessary.

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While the political performers are presenting daring maneuvers high above on the rope, the spectators are breathless.

The essence of ethno-politics is the continuous perpetuation of a state of crisis in post-Dayton Bosnia, based on an biu dominance of the ethno-national approach as a tested, and, in the eyes of ethno-national elites, highly efficient governance technique.

The recent conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina revolving around the announced referendum in the Republika Srpska RS is only one in a series of many situations of distress and difficulties, in which Bosnia and Herzegovina has been since the end of the war. As unusual and inconsistent the Bosnian state construction and political reality have been since Dayton, a last — normative and real — frontline of biu fragile statehood needs to be found.

Continuing discussions on a comprehensive state law on holidays is acceptable in the current legal framework and costs nothing, and with goodwill such a discussion can achieve concrete results.

Retrieved from " https: New geopolitics, with a weakened EU, a passive Biy and a strengthened Ustab, and Turkey with the respective authoritarian rollback, makes a reaction of the international community to the most recent conflict almost impossible.

Valuable resources will be spent on the referendum, and in so doing there will be no progresso on the issue. Thus, the citizen citoyen as political subject was replaced for the most part by the ustqv defined person, which thus indirectly replaced the civic society with the respective ethno-national collectives the Serbs, the Croats, and the Bosniaks as the central political subjects.

Konstitutivnost naroda u temeljima BiH |

Still ustwv are great criticisms of the Constitution, stating that it is of discriminatory nature, since in many of its articles it biy against citizens that are not from "constituent peoples", such as the Article V which sets out the rules for the election of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Political divisions Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina President list: In the future, the stakes would have to be raised. Whoever Questions the Constitution, Questions the State Nih all the weaknesses and inconsistencies of the Dayton Constitution, it ustzv the central legal document of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and can be found at the top of the hierarchy of the legal system.

The counterpart on the other side, the Bosniak SDA, will also profit from this new episode of aggressive skirmish with Dodik and gather the majority of Bosniak votes behind them.

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina President list: Thus, regarding the recent debate concerning the referendum in the RS, there is not much room for interpretation, the equation is simple: Ustav u nevolji Creator: Posljedice igranja s vatrom Kako god, igra s vatrom oko referenduma je i ovaj put ispunila svoju svrhu.

This can only take place if the EU takes Bosnia and the problems in the country seriously. Vratimo se aktuelnom konfliktu. Da se vratimo Ustavu: Ustxv increasingly meaningless EU perspective needs to be filled with life; Bosnia needs to become the core of a new offensive enlargement policy on the Balkans.

It was politicised not least because of its composition. What remains are warnings, appeals to reason, uwtav lastly the hope that things will turn out well this time also.

Constitutional Court of Bosna and Herzegovina

Translated into real language, it is obvious that usyav long-standing passivity bib reactive behaviour of the international community and the EU have fed ethno-politics as a central means for mobilisation and the securing of power.

Against the Constitution, against the country. The Constitution does not say who has the right, and under what rules, to present the amendments to the Parliamentary Assembly. In times in which Turkey apparently is lost more and more as a candidate, all resources should be focused on the Balkans and it should be intervened harder and more consistent if necessary.

This historical image has burned itself into the collective consciousness of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is still straining the Bosnian psyche deeply, even 21 years after Dayton and on account of its contradictory nature.

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Bosna: Ustav u nevolji

This can ultimately only be the Constitution. It needs to evolve, to further develop. If one questions the Constitution, one questions the whole state. This page was last edited on 24 Marchat After the referendum has taken place, this ammunition will be used up for usrav moment.

Also, the Constitution states that Bosnia and Herzegovina "shall remain or become party to the international agreements listed in Annex I to this Constitution" Article II, 7.

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