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For someone who is a queen of the country, you would think that she has freedom of being in charge of her own life and time, which happen not to be the case. Bennett beautifully describes the progress we make as readers, how every book sets a bar higher and we are able to take on more complex and ambitious books. If I could give this book six stars, or heck, even ten, I would. November 18, Charming, but not at all twee.

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Writing, like reading, was something she was going to have to do on her own. Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? Tue Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. But what if someone important takes up Oh wow.

Thus it was that the dawn of sensibility was mistaken for the onset of senility. He was also irritated by his constant proximity because, while he was never actually in the room when the private secretary talked to the Queen, he was always within call.

Queen reads books shock horror

A whole world opens up, in which she is guided by Norma This is a wonderfully humorous, subversive and comic homage to literature penned by non other than the great and incomparable treasure that reaxer Alan Bennett.

But the Queen should not be blamed on that score, on that the equerries agreed; the Queen should never be blamed. Did I feel The Uncommon Reader was a guilty pleasure? Hurray for books was their feeling, except when they were required to read them or when grandmama insisted on talking about them, quizzing them about their own reading habits or, worst of all, pressing books into their hands and checking rreader to see if they had been read.

Occasionally a passing equerry would stop and ask him if he had nothing better to do than read, and to begin with he had been stuck for a reply. Amazon Music Stream millions of te.

So infectious was his enthusiasm that next time, the Queen thought, she might accompany him.

Queen reads books shock horror - Telegraph

I will never catch up. But now when she was aching to declare her fellow-feeling with those whose books she had read and admired she found she had nothing to say. Look at my gloves. But in his compassion for the loneliness and impotence of a monarch whose official function as head of state in a constitutional democracy is a farcical conceit, Bennett has done as much to stir sympathy for the Queen as Helen Mirren.

First time I have ever done that. And one became a Communist.

It was some time before he realised that Sir Claude was asleep. Patron of the London Library she had seldom set foot in it and neither, of course, had Norman, but he came back full of wonder and excitement at how old-fashioned it was, saying it was the sort of library he had only read about in books and had thought confined to the past. It had been an investiture. And brnnett though she was uncommoj was still a doer.

That this access of consideration might have something to do with books and even with the perpetually irritating Henry James did not at the moment occur to her.

The books she chooses are carefully chosen by Bennett to illuminate her metamorphosis. In contemporary writing, the Queen is generally scenery, a landmark, or in Higgs' way of putting it, a national pet - I found myself wondering if anyone has written a thesis or paper on portrayals of Ucnommon II in fiction. One feels sometimes that that is not much of a boast.

The Uncommon Reader - Wikipedia

Some British Legion people here, and wheelchairs. In the fresh air. Who would have thought! No, if reading was to be done it were better done in a place not set benntt for it.

It was only now she understood what it meant. The Uncommon Reader is not only hortatory but evangelical. It was anonymous; it was shared; it was common.

Books generally just confirm you in what you have, perhaps unwittingly, decided to do already. This is a marvelous little story.

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