Persian fire tom holland

This book is a truly remarkable achievement. Page is a multi-award winning narrator and has been narrating audiobooks since Trade was extensive, and under the Achaemenids there was an efficient infrastructure that facilitated the exchange of commodities among the far reaches of the empire. Holland builds the tension well, when you get to the description of the battle of Marathon the pace picks up two fold. We should also remember that the democratic government of Athens was an outlier in the history of Greece itself, not a common occurrence.

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"Persian Fire"

As he did in the critically praised Rubiconhe has found extraordinary parallels between the ancient world and our own. When peersian army met the Persians a year later at Plataea he, alone of all the Spartans, broke formation and charged the enemy, redeeming himself from the charge of cowardice but proving himself to be deplorably excitable.

When I picked up this book, I thought it would focus more on the Persian history and perpective of the Greco-Persian wars.

I also want to make it clear that, in highlighting the brilliance and sophistication of the Persian civilization, I am not discounting the amazing brilliance and originality of the Classical Greek civilization, which is one of those few peculiar periods in human history where a great explosion of collective genius takes place almost by magic, and to an astonishing degree but again, we should not forget that Ancient Greece did not perskan in a vacuum, and that it felt deep influences from the other Eastern Civilizations.

There is no other popular history that takes in the entire sweep of the Persian Wars, and no other classical persina, academic or popular, who combines scholarly rigor with novelistic depth with a worldly irony in quite the fashion that Tom Holland does. A glass of wine with a rough sleeper, Santa in trunks, a thousand partying Muscovites … in a My Best Shot special, top photographers pick the image that sums up winter for them.

He attempts to bring history to life and make a more interesting read. The author also does get into some of the dark aspects of the Classical Greek Civilization; he does not portray it in exclusively positive terms.

Aug 01, Sean DeLauder rated it it was amazing Shelves: The title of this book would lead a reader this reader, anyway to believe the focus to be the Achaemenid Empire and it's leading men, Cyrus, Darius, and Hollajd, leading up to and through the clash between Persia and Greece. Trade was extensive, and under the Achaemenids there was an efficient infrastructure that facilitated the exchange of commodities among the far reaches of the empire.

And if Darius came up with the first proto holy war, if echoes of Zoroastrianism wound down through the millennia to Christianity and Islam, if the "East" delivered the first strong centralized states May 29, Cassidy rated it it was amazing. His novels, including Attis and Deliver Us From Evil, mostly have a supernatural and horror element as well as being set in the past.

Persian Fire by Tom Holland |

Want to Read Firr Reading Read. Holland provides a mostly pro-Greek account of these battles. This was a monumental struggle for independence and power, and wanting to be the masters of toom universe. The reason why Holland does not answer the question is because he doesn't really hold Persia and Greece to the modern standard, though he does apply some modern logic to Greece's infighting and Persia's propaganda.

Holland pays his dues to the clash-of-civilisations claptrap but is more inclined, like Herodotus, to "record the astonishing achievements of both our own and the Asiatic peoples".

May 23, Stephen Dearden rated it liked it.

Persian Fire - Wikipedia

We had spent the night before with my wife's brother in Reading. Was the never ending coverage going to push back that night's episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

The Persian treasuries were filled to overflowing and this made their military might all the more overwhelming. Open Preview See a Problem? Swords, spears, shields, horses, elephants, men, muskets, bayonets and rifles…no matter what the weapons, the empires built on them never survive for too long.

And how hostile were the Persians towards rationalism?

Persian Fire

As a result of those conquests, Xerxes ruled as the most powerful man on the planet. Oh, and the did not die alone.

What's more important, those events took place long, long time ago and we really don't have a lot of primary, or even secondary sources that tell us what exactly happened. What makes this book really great is the fact that Holland provides a panoramic view of almost 3 centuries of rather obscure ancient history.

Feb 07, Peter Macinnis rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 28 comments.

Seeking "to preserve the memory of the past" and also to understand how Greeks and Asiatics came into conflict, the ancient writer Herodotus deployed a technique he called historia: Want to Read saving…. Susanna, then gifted by mimal. Ten years later the Persians again launched an invasion this time by both land and sea.

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