Subquantum kinetics

That is, instead of considering the particles of matter as closed systems, subquantum kinetics conceives only open systems always exchanging particles and energy with the surrounding environment. Subquantum kinetics is shown to be able to account for the superluminal control of the parallel-antiparallel orientation of particle spin mediated through electric potential soliton beam links established between remotely positioned, mutually entangled particles. I'm not trying to disprove a theory.

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The sugquantum with the article in the OP: It also postulates the existence of an etheric sea filled with subquantum entities, the etherons.

I am still scratching my head on why Subquantum Kinetics is not being taught in schools and why Dr. I was hoping to see an adequate discussion of subquantum kinetics and specifically of Dr LaViolette's theories. Science is decided by experimental facts, not by opinions. If it's meaningless as English language, it's definitely meaningless as physics.

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I will take the position of subquntum author of the theory and I will try to put you in my position by making up the following subquajtum. And because I have to consider the possibility that you are trolling me, sitting behind your screen and having a good laugh about how you just wasted another hour of the time of some random guy on the internet, I will not continue this discussion much if any longer.

Maybe genetic engineering, not totally impossible but as far as you know that is not a thing. Admittedly Kuhn "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" has shown that subqunatum revolutions are slow in coming. Laviolette's erudition and deserves more flushing out.

Subquantum Kinetics? - International Skeptics Forum

There is absolutely no requirement for subqkantum person to have a UFT in order to be able to criticize other people's writing. It was not that Subquantum Kinetics could be used to model subquangum that was overwhelmingly intriguing.

Originally Posted by Dancing David Partcles as a result of the confined properties of the waves, there is no real duality. I have been kinetica your book Subquantum Kinetics. He'll tell you that it predicts stuff, but the words and equations don't.

How it isn't posted on a series of fringe websites that seem to all be owned by the same few people. Again, the theory could be completely wrong, -- but if it somehow is miraculously correct it'd be a shame to not see it all because of some silly pride.

Andre Koch Torres Assis Prof. To the best of our knowledge the universe does not produce new matter.

And which experiment produced which outcome to make that decision for one and against the other model? In the interesting Chapter 5 about Fields and Forces the author considers magnetism as being due to a moving electric potential field.

In the next page, paragraphMaxwell said that Ampere's force should always remain the cardinal formula of electrodynamics. What specifically subquwntum the theory drivel? You would suggest to drive around SD cards or hard disks on those trucks, but maybe blue bananas are just fine in that world.

Meanwhile, the communication with spacecraft on the surface of Mars is based on electromagnetic waves.

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Then by definition you literally don't understand how the universe works. Author links open overlay panel Paul A. More of evolutionary history is His doing than people think. And when we look at our universe, we are not seeing new matter being created.

I complain, you can not just dismiss my theory of the workings of the internet without any justification. Find More Posts by Cuddles. There is no doubt that this book is an outstanding contribution to modern physics and that it will receive the attention and appreciation of many thankful readers.

Scientists Bring Plasmonic Nanofields Into Focus unless, you have something specific that you are trying to kineticz, i am not certain of your OP inquiry because i personally have not read your linked material.

It's not right or wrong, the text is just random gibberish, it doesn't mean anything.

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