Endgame john mauldin

Monopolies and the Death of Competition. Many macroeconomic authors take a pretty binary approach when discussing these issues, but Maudlin's analysis does a great job of really dissecting the underlying root causes of each, and how they work together in a sort of 'yin and yang' relationship. So what's the plan to get us out of the economic muck? Jan 21, Misteeyed rated it really liked it. And secondly, my discontent has to do with the fact that this book felt completely derivative to me, completely derivative of other's work that is.

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Mauldin and Tepper have a low confidence in the ability of Western central banks, including the U.

We've got hundreds of permanent bases and a blue water Navy that controls all ocean transit, control enddgame most global airspace, and control over low earth orbit. If this comes true, feel free to look up this book review to personally say "I told you so" and laugh at me. Next page of related Sponsored Products.

I found this book super interesting, hence the five stars. Dec 07, David rated it liked it Recommends it for: I always take investment advice with a grain of salt; I don't get the same satisfaction from economics that I do from traditional science.

Endgame: A Book Review

The Fed has made unprecedented levels of credit available, but the banks have failed to lend it out and consumers have shown little interest in wanting to spend it.

When using jojn three 'lenses' to view any particular macroeconomic situation, patterns begin to emerge and make themselves much more clear.

But I guess that may not bother other readers Verdict: Suffice it to say, bad deflation is very bad indeed, and the fear of it is what forced Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke jogn launch his now wildly unpopular quantitative easing campaigns.

It's like a gentleman not opening a door for a lady.

That is the way governments have historically dealt with too much debt. While it kohn focus on the US economy, it provides a worldwide tour of similar debt crises, ranging from Japan, to UK, to Hungary, Greece and the Baltics. Share your thoughts with other customers. Nowhere in the book can I see reference to the 'exorbitant privilege' enjoyed by the US in issuing the World's reserve currency. The evolution of a garden-variety recession into what became the Great Depression was triggered, in part, by a bank failure in Austria that created a ripple effect across the global financial system.

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Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle and How It Changes Everything by Jonathan Tepper

Indeed, it seems like the only option on the cards. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. The reality is, the medicine may be worse than the disease, and no politician or the average voter they represent wants to hear this. maulldin

This book revolves around debt. The European Periphery, The authors did manage to name-drop "friend" Ron Paul, so that should give you some insight into what you're going to get. There are tough decisions to be made and I'm not sure our leadership is up to it.

Is it just me?

Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle and How It Changes Everything

When the authors talk about "austerity measures" and "age-related liabilities," though, they are talking about social safety nets snapping, jobs evaporating, and pensions disappearing.

I love jazz, photography, learning languages, reading piles of books and drinking far too much coffee. The author of endgame often criticizes the efficient market model driven economists in favor maulrin an accounting, common sense kauldin. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: The authors also have a habit of waxing unrealistically optimistic about the promises of science and technology. There is no exactitude in economic theory, things can be described as they go along and then suddenly everything changes.

Review of John Mauldin's Endgame - Sizemore Insights

Lower interest rates mean that, all else equal, you can buy a larger, more expensive house for a given monthly payment. The message to all readers - we need national fiscal discipline, private financial discipline, improved business productivity, drastic improvements in energy efficiency, and improved national policies to ensure the conditions that have been the historical foundations of American enterprise and prosperity.

Therefore, timing will be critical to capitalize on an era of increasing volatility p.

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