Verona tourist guide

Hotel Trieste , five minutes from the Arena on the main street between the rail station and old town, has brightly furnished rooms, complimentary breakfast, underground parking, and free bicycles. Piazza San Zeno, Verona. The city organises various 'romantic' initiatives, including events around Valentine's Day.

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Verona is a magic city to explore! Enveloped by the river Adigefortified and well-defended, yet best known as the home of Romeo and Juliet.

14 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Verona

Verona's tourist information office is nearby, set in the old town wall veroan the right. Things to see Verona's historic centre centro storico lies within the town walls in a tight curve of the Adige river. Get you card on line and get the most from your visit! Gide was an important Roman town and is rich in archaeological sites, the grandest of which is the Roman Arenawhere operas are now performed in the summer.

These establishments aren't very cheap, but their tables occupy vdrona positions; it's a lovely spot to sit on a sunny day and watch Verona go by. Exploring the Grand Canal in Venice: Every Friday visit to guiee Corte Sgarzerie cryptoporticus with three visits: For a cheap and filling meal, a good option is the Ristorante-Pizzeria San Matteo Church Vicolo del Guasto, close to Porta Borsariwhich, as its name indicates, is actually located in a former church.

Fifty kilometers south of Verona, the provincial capital of Mantua was the residence of the Gonzaga family from untiland they made Mantua one of the most refined and cultivated of princely capitals, a great center of art and learning. Crowds flock to the house and tomb of Juliet, whose tragic love-story with Romeo was immortalised by William Shakespeare.

Verona, city of love, city of Christmas Via Cappello 23, Verona. The beautiful main front of alternating strata of brick and white tufa is flanked by a slender Romanesque campanile and the 14th-century battlemented defensive tower of a former Benedictine abbey. Let us show you everything that Verona has to offer. Overview View on map. Subscribe to the newsletter Privacy - Having read the informative note, and in compliance with Decree no.

The Best Travel Guide to Verona

Find out all the highlights covered by VeronaCard. Look for their symbol: Via Mazzini, an elegant pedestrian street paved with shiny Verona marble, heads straight through the heart of town to Piazza Erbe, Verona's most touriist square.

Best Hotels in Italy.

Travel to Verona Verona is very easy to reach from other parts of Italy and Europe. It was built by Fra Giocondo from toand is crowned by statues of famous citizens of Verona.

Verona | Comune di Verona - Turismo

At the tip of a long promontory reaching out into the southern end of Lake Gardaabout 40 minutes from Verona, Sirmione could be a stage set. In the choir is a marble figure, thought to be 14th-century, of St.

Another spot for an atmospheric meal is Piazza Erbe, the attractive market square. It was built outside the Roman city walls to help the influx of spectators and avoid crowding in the city centre. Perhaps we'll linger for a while around Ponte Pietra and Castel San Pietro to enjoy the wonderful panorama of the city, or else venture over to see the Romanesque and Gothic architecture of the Duomo and the church of Sant'Anastasia.

You'll meet them everywhere, referred to as the Scaligeri. The Veronese food and wine tradition is the protagonist of the initiative "The Typical Restaurants in Verona". The interior has an unusual 14th-century timber roof and beautiful Romanesque capitals.

In close collaboration, they planned a philological restoration of the areas, choosing and placing art pieces that were functionally and emotionally closer to their idea of a museum as a complete artistic creation. Touurist out vdrona treasures with our engaging and funny city treasure hunt. An amazing proposal to veronese and fo Privacy - Having read the informative note, and in compliance with Decree no. The theater is the home of the summer Verona Jazz Festival.

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