The grand sophy

He's too old for her and I don't really get why he's so insistent he's in love with a 19 year old girl. Sophia Stanton-Lacy, better known as Sophy, is dropped on her aunt's family by her globe-trotting father, who asks his sister, Lady Ombersley, to watch over his poor little Sophy. The Grand Sophy 4.

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Review: The Grand Sophy, Georgette Heyer

Augustus Fawnhope is a beautiful but a gloriously silly poet whom Cecilia loves. Russia is famous for its atrocities against Jews.

Nor is the scene without historical basis: Words and stories are powerful, and taking the easy way…I better stop. I see your point, QN, and had the same reaction as you the first time I read the novel just after college — I chuckled throughout the book and took the scene at face value.

The family, and especially Charles, tge disapprove, not so much because of the poetry, but because Mr. But staying with her relatives could be her biggest challenge yet. I've looked at different ways of rationalizing this those were different times? The character I really hate giving this 2 stars, because going down the list of tbe GR friends who have read it, I see that almost all of them with the exception of Carol gave it 4 or 5 stars.

Though Lady O is nervous, has spasms and overly cautious at times, she seems to be a loving mother and is willing to be a kind, surrogate mother to Sophy when asked. View all 19 comments. Sophy is charming and strong-willed, a force to be reckoned with.

The Grand Sophy - Wikipedia

Georgette Heyer, on the other hand, wrote to entertain. I thought the book was delightful - witty, bright, deeply hilarious - and then we ran into a very stereotypical description of a "Jewish Moneylender.

I wonder if I'll ever read a Georgette Heyer and not fall madly for it? But Goldhanger is clearly not an honest man; he is a fence and as well, he does business with minors — illegal even by moneylender ethics. With a better hero, I would have rated this much higher.

Her description of a stereotypical Jewish lender, the villainous Mr. I think the writing played a big part in me not partial to the story or its characters.

The Grand Sophy

Newly arrived from her tour of the Continent, Sophy invites herself into the circle of her relatives. Or possibly she would prefer to be a zookeeper, as she seemed to have quite a passion for animals! Affiliate Links Hte on Amazon.

Salamanca - Sophy's horse, with which Sophy commits the solecism of riding at a gallop in the park. Una lectura muy recomendable si sois amantes de Jane Austen. I didn't need the declarations, but maybe a little hhe time?

View all 7 comments. Sophy usually goes with him when he travels the world, but on this occasion he needs her to stay grnd her aunt and uncle and all of the tye. But back to the gender relationships, something this novel takes a fairly sharp look at, not just with Sophy, but with others too.

July 1, by Vic. However I am sure that anyone who enjoys a light, historical, innocent romance would like this book too. There are lots of characters, but they are not hard to keep straight.

Review: The Grand Sophy, Georgette Heyer – Girl with her Head in a Book

And what of his betrothal to grim Eugenia? I will add the obligatory warning of antisemitism here.

Now that the Battle of Waterloo is over and Napoleon has once again been exiled, her father receives a temporary post in South Skphy. Her writing career began inwhen she turned a story for her younger brother into the novel The Black Moth. Click here to enter the page. Open Preview See a Problem?

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