Oracle data integrator interview questions and answers

Does ODI support web services? SQL string is not Query at oracle. Standard sequences, whose last value is stored in the Repository. According to research Oracle Data Integrator has a market share of about

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Then use your logic to achieve this. However, in exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary to create several master repositories in one of the daat cases: Srinu Vasu November 29, at 9: What technology you will chose to process mdb files? That is load a target datastore from one or more sources.

If i will post the answers then people wont go for looking other available answers on internet. What is profile in ODI?

What are the minimum things required to take master and work repository backup. An interface consists of a set of rules that define the loading of a Datastore or a temporary target structure from one or more source Datastores.

How To Implement Data Validations? Bhabani January 22, quesrions 8: Bhabani July 20, at 4: We can create naswers manage mappings using the mapping editor, a new feature of ODI 12c. Please let me know which question seems to be difficult for you so that i can answer it right here.

The Best ODI Interview Questions & Answers [UPDATED]

So that we will update the Interview questions] General Questions:. This option we have at Interface level in Definition tab. Hi Dinesh, I am not an expert in Informatica. Making a great Resume: How interface works with aggregation?

How is that possible? Hi Bhabani, I create option in the KM, but in that there is a option type for this what should i select check box,value or text. A Procedure is a reusable component that allows you to group actions that do not fit in the Interface framework. Loading data from log file into Database.

Static check refers to constraint or rules defined in data model to verify integrity of source or application data. Variables can be used in all Oracle Data Integrator expressions: Anonnymous January 22, at 7: Flags are defined using the markers. What is substitution api?

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Interview Questions & Answers

If answer is listed it should be usefull……. These markers are organized into groups, and can be applied to most objects in a project. About Me Kashif M. What is a constraint? Or in interface how to do it sir?? Newer Post Older Post Home.

S this two parameters.

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