Van deemter equation

This method is mainly used for targeted metabolomic analysis where the unique mass spectra are known beforehand and are easily identified in the mass spectrum. Therefore, the pressure required to run at the optimum velocity is inversely related to the cube of the particle diameter. As mobile phase velocity increases, the exchange of molecules between mobile phase and stationary phase must be fast enough to keep up if the equilibrium between the phases is to be maintained. The phenomenon of band broadening in the gas chromatographic process was first studied by van Deemter in the s resulting in the formulation of the van Deemter equation , correlating HETP or plate height with linear flow velocity V. The van Deemter curve has a classical shape and is a composite plot of A, B and C terms plotted below to show their contributions.

Ejercicios resueltos de factorizacion

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Canard enchaine

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