Bedini motor generator

Sincerely, Peter Lindemann … Their is one thing we should get straight right now, the dimensions of the coil are not important. In this study, the two types of circuit design, namely, the original and the replication, are examined in terms of performance in battery running and charging. Here is the motor device that a the School Girl talked to John Bedini about, and she built it with a little help on the phone. John Bedini was shaken by this experience, but he defiantly continued working on his free energy theories and furthered his research in private. Now, connect one of the top 22 gauge wires from your coil to the wire you just spliced into the connecting wire between the batteries.

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Do we all get it now? Connect the negative pole of the recharging battery to the positive pole of the starting battery with one wire and splice a second wire into the middle of that wire allowing for a connection in.

How to Make a Bedini Motor

Upon analysis, it is discovered that the DC—DC boost converter circuit bedinni both practical and efficient, offering a high level of step-up power conversion capacity for battery running and charging.

Other Problems Related to Supercritical Pressures. John Bedini discharging the radiant energy from the storage capacitors. When you get to the bottom, start wrapping in the opposite direction as neatly as possible to make another layer.

This is the all North Pole Motor, the Led on the top is the generator, she built this Motor all by herself, she took all the first place ribbons plus a special award in science it used a nine volt battery and ran the whole time the science fair was on for 5 days when they stopped it.

Impulses must be short and precise in their successions for ultimate results. We have made the effort to learn what John has been reporting and succeeded.

Bedini Motor « Free Energy Technology

In short, do not change anything until you have something working!!!! Please sign back in to continue.

But the design Peter has posted for recovery does work and the motor does run. The equivalent circuit of the boost converter during t on in mode 1. You don't need to be an expert in electronics to build a Bedini motor. Manuscript received November 9, ; final manuscript received January 17, ; published online April 12, The more magnets you get around the wheel the bwdini the collection process will be.

Also at the same time, Tom Bearden went out of his way to write what my process was with my permission and E-Mailed it to Jerry Decker at Keelynet. An article, written by Jeane Manning, even appeared in Atlantis Rising magazine about this story. John also wrote that he cuts welding rods into the length of the coil form, then inserts them into the center hole around which the wire is wrapped to form the coil, this increases the magnetic flux as an 'iron' core transformer.

Thomas Bearden has defined it!!! Make sure the batteries you use are in good condition and have no leaks, cracks or other damage to the casings as the materials inside batteries are explosive. You must be logged in as an individual user to share content.

How to Make a Bedini Motor | Sciencing

Some tools below are only available to our subscribers or users with an online account. In this study, the two types of circuit design, namely, the genetator and the replication, are examined in terms of performance in battery running and charging.

Follow these steps and you will be able to construct a working Bedini motor on your kitchen table.

She has been writing and editing for over 10 years. Then connect the wire from the potentiometer to the top 26 gauge wire of the coil. Obviously the generator action from the turning wheel which also gives back more energy to the charging battery while the drive circuit is off in a monopole or bi-polar motor is missing here as there are basically no magnets. Things Needed Two 12 volt rechargeable battery car gennerator Spool of uncovered 22 gauge wire Spool of uncovered 26 gauge wire Empty wire spools Wood or plexiglass Welding rods Super glue Rotor with magnets Rotor mount 2n transistor 1n diode 1n diode ohm resistor Potentiometer Small neon bulb triggered at 90 volts.

John Bedini Monopole Generators

The destination batteries reach a charge capacity of 13 volts at 2: I wonder if a commercial switched reluctance motor with your recovery circuit with battery and a generator attached what it would do……………?

If it does, shut down the motor immediately because it is bedinii enough voltage to "melt" your transistor. Now, connect your diodes to your transistor. This is NOT what they understood to be possible. Once I figured out by trial and error, how to solder up the John Bedini Circuit, I made drawings for easy visualizing of the different soldering joints and component arrangements. This book picks up the instructions where the first book leaves off.

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